Pro-choice activist trolls anti-abortion minister with WAP

This teen pro-choice activist went head-to-head with an anti-choice Evangelical minister outside of an abortion clinic. His "sermon" included warnings of end times... hers, the sexually-liberated lyrics of "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

09/03/2020 1:36 PMupdated: 09/03/2020 1:51 PM


  • Nick V.
    3 days

    Pro Life groups should "PROTECT" & block the vile things the protesters are doing at the SCOTUS homes!

  • Pam S.
    05/08/2022 13:13


  • T-Boo T.
    05/08/2022 06:27

    Them: We Refuse to Prosecute anyone getting an abortion & the doctors involved. 😠 Me: Why Stop There?🤔 You ALSO refuse to Prosecute Nefarious CEO's, Corrupt Politicians, Venal Judges, Crooked Lawyers and Lawless KKKops 💯🤷🏿‍♂️ THEY'RE THE ONES BREAKING ALL THE RULES‼️ YouTube: Sosolinha_YT

  • Barbara C.
    05/08/2022 05:50

    Bless all the women who help the other woman there.

  • Barbara C.
    05/08/2022 05:49

    Read him from Marquis de Sade just for beginners…

  • Jim G.
    05/08/2022 01:14

    Your Mother should have had a abortion!

  • Russell S.
    05/07/2022 23:18

    I love this guy. What an amazing champion for saving these poor innocent souls

  • Alisia M.
    05/07/2022 23:12

    Men DON'T have a leg to stand on in this fight for our autonomy.

  • Danzdanz S.
    05/07/2022 20:42

    This is what ppl resort to when they are nobody

  • Brian D.
    05/07/2022 19:09

    Someone should remind these folks what happens to the people of the Capital. 🤡

  • Craig N.
    05/07/2022 18:48

    Murderous, malevolent, toxic, Females...

  • Mario S.
    05/07/2022 18:45

    Čovjek se predomislio kad je tebe vidio

  • Silvia M.
    05/07/2022 18:34

    How many children has he adopted? It's easy to put the finger in others' wound, but taking an action to save those living children who need their support it's another level. Most of pro-life don't care about all those children abandoned in orphanages.

  • Carlos S.
    05/07/2022 18:32


  • Mohd A.
    05/07/2022 18:07

    Old Man, well done 👍👏 This Girl should jump off a Buildling rather than Kill a Baby

  • Klara M.
    12/15/2021 21:30

    Here come here someone tell that girl who wants to butcher little helpless babies that that Glorified in the eyes of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ preacher man is actually really trying his best to save her! You can't torture and butcher little without knowing God's wrath and God's wrath is Godly Devinely perfectly fair, it's is as simply as she is going to feel what she condemned these little babies to feel!! SOMEONE TELL HER I AM THE MOTHER OF ALL DEVINE CREATION AND I AM TRYING TO SAVE HER! GET THIS MESSAGE TO HER!

  • Brian P.
    11/16/2021 05:15

    What trash. Up is down and right is wrong in the world today. Anyone who will take the side of this filthy mouthed girl is in a sad position.

  • Erika R.
    11/03/2021 02:06

    These old farts dont really care that much. Because they prefer young boys 😏

  • Michele A.
    09/11/2021 00:40

    I would like her to use a more intelligent approach. She is saying she is in control of her sexuality but needs aid , funding and bailout for her choices .Her power is based on her access to a medical procedure that is granted to her by the government and the medical community. If she had to pay full price out of pocket ,she could not do it. She would still need help. She is unable to use multiple forms of birth control correctly to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Take a morning-after pill if she still thinks there is a remote possibility that her actions may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Obtain an abortion in up to six weeks. It is honestly harder to dye your hair pink and takes longer than to use a condom... and pop a pill. WAP O.K.

  • Isaac G.
    09/07/2021 16:25

    But how many millitant, pro-choice losers are vegans...

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