• Bill S.
    07/29/2017 02:39

    Standing O dude. Bravo

  • Roger T.
    07/27/2017 21:37

    Thank u sir u are a real American lying ass Russian republican Jared did not want to here that did he

  • Karen R.
    07/26/2017 22:54

    So True So well put!! Share this as this man has what is going on down pat

  • Gee B.
    07/26/2017 12:37

    I love it

  • Gee B.
    07/26/2017 12:36

    Thank u for standing with America

  • Gee B.
    07/26/2017 12:35

    My hero

  • Gee B.
    07/26/2017 12:33

    My hero

  • Gee B.
    07/26/2017 12:33

    U have balls love it

  • Alfred T.
    07/26/2017 05:28

    Sad that it may be true but I give them credit that was hilarious LMAO

  • Amy C.
    07/26/2017 05:18

    no one cares

  • Elizabeth P.
    07/25/2017 23:21

    Get this little dick out of the government !! And please take your wife with you !! I hope they charge this bastard

  • Dawn B.
    07/25/2017 22:44

    Why does he sound like a boy?

  • Ralph J.
    07/25/2017 17:17

    what a moron. a lying idiot moron. memo to ryan clayton--no statutes were violated by anyone in the trump group. go protest the dnc.

  • Nevin S.
    07/25/2017 13:40

    The Trump Russia myth- yawn - the corrupt media won't let it go

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