Pulse nightclub shooting survivor stresses the need for support

"You think five years later we're good? I'm sorry to break it to you, we need help." This Pulse nightclub shooting survivor has a message for the Florida governor after he cut LGBTQ support funding from the state budget.

06/08/2021 10:49 PMupdated: 06/08/2021 10:51 PM


  • Eduardo J.
    3 days

  • Hakeem S.
    3 days

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  • Mohd A.
    4 days

    pada aku,sesiapa nk jadi LGBT+ tu dia pnya hak tapi meraka tak boleh nak perjuangkan LGBT+ sebagai satu organisasi yang di iktiraf kerana meraka cuba perjuangkan sesuatu yang bukan sahaja melanggar hukum agama malah hukum alam!!... kerana apa yang meraka buat itu tidak normal..pernah ke kau tengok binatang jantan main binatang jantan?? tentu tidak kerna walaupun meraka tidak mempunyai akal cerdas seperti kita tetapi naluri semulajadi haiwan sedar itu tidak normal!!

  • Michael W.
    4 days

    there are more str8 people killed then alphabet groups so wheres the money for that, people sexual preferance shouldnt even be discusses, crime is crime, hate crime is hate crime, and crimes dont make an excuse to throw money at a problem, education helps, stop asking forr money

  • Gregory W.
    4 days

    What is money going to do, to make people like him, cope with their experience??? Nothing that's right absolutely nothing!. We've all had traumatic events in our lives ....that doesn't mean there should be some special funding set aside especially for us. Nor should there be special money set aside just because your LGBTQ. Nice try using the shooting as a means of gaining some sort of pitty or special treatment....but what our governor did was not specifically directed towards you nor does it have anything to do with shotting victims....that's a whole other subject in itself.

  • Ania C.
    4 days

    holds out my heart to you, I know whats it like to lose someone you love to murder, and subsequent trauma

  • Peter S.
    4 days

    This is freedom you're talking about

  • Sean L.
    4 days

    Imagine how vets feel...

  • Brut
    4 days

    How the LGBTQ community is reacting to Gov. Ron DeSantis' budget cuts:

  • Neal A.
    4 days

    You have the same needs as the rest of us. None of us has it easy.