R. Kelly Denying Sexual Abuse Allegations

R. Kelly is facing 70 years in prison for sexual abuse charges. Here are 4 times he denied the allegations in explosive on-camera interviews. 👀

03/07/2019 12:01 AM
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  • Victor L.
    03/07/2019 00:04

    What the fuck is actually going on? Should I call this blackmail?

  • John P.
    03/07/2019 00:05

    He also believes he can fly

  • Martha M.
    03/07/2019 00:07

    Kiss your over age booty goodbye... shameful

  • Dennis S.
    03/07/2019 00:07

    U better fly away quickly!

  • Antonio H.
    03/07/2019 00:09

    Gale sounds like poor woman's Oprah

  • Jennifer H.
    03/07/2019 00:10

    🎼🎤 I believe I can lie I believe I can cry 🎤🎼

  • LeGrand P.
    03/07/2019 00:11

    I believe him(R. Kelly)

  • Kevin F.
    03/07/2019 00:14

  • Antonio H.
    03/07/2019 00:14

    I don't condone underage sex but it's because he's a celebrity and they're looking for a quick buck that's all

  • Joe W.
    03/07/2019 00:15


  • Ivana S.
    03/07/2019 00:15

    Pathetic liar

  • Ketty V.
    03/07/2019 00:15

    He got belligerent and outraged just like Keg Kavanaugh did. Both guilty. Notice the difference in the outcomes? Kavanaugh is appointed to the highest court in the land, and mr. Kelly will most like do hard time. That's privilege.

  • Mel S.
    03/07/2019 00:18

    You shouldn't have peed on them children you perv

  • Bryan R.
    03/07/2019 00:23

    He's gonna see a few open flys

  • Rene A.
    03/07/2019 00:28

    no one has the right to judge no one unless you walk in their own shoes .. Brut you are being deleted , what trash News

  • Joseph A.
    03/07/2019 00:30


  • Irene G.
    03/07/2019 00:31

    I'm fighting for my Life... Ah oh‼ I hear 🎶🎵 song coming soon ‼

  • Bornin D.
    03/07/2019 00:31

    I don't know how they admit an anomaly acts such homosexuality lesbians and pedophilia also .and accused people especially famous...they have to condamn all those because life continues with x and y ...they must condemn xand x or yand y..and kill everyone who played with children.

  • Akiiki M.
    03/07/2019 00:32

    he couldn't have turned his back away from God

  • Steven R.
    03/07/2019 00:34

    I believe him