• Phillip T.
    06/27/2017 22:07

    Its time to return the favor i feel like if your kids are racist at that age its because the parents are ...thy should be held responsible 4 there kids actions..let it have been my kid i would of went to the school with other kids in my family to beat the kids up thn straight to there house to beat up the parents

  • Gypsy R.
    06/27/2017 12:50

    This is awful. It's sometimes hard to remember that kids can be just as mean as adults.

  • Theresa V.
    06/27/2017 00:38

    Definitely this has to stop we go to school to learn and if that's not some kids intentions They need to go elsewhere so they don't bother anyone ,teachers should not put up with it

  • Maye W.
    06/26/2017 21:12

    So sad to know children can't attend school without being ostracized by haters.These attitudes are taught at home.I refuse to believe otherwise.!

  • Cheryl M.
    06/26/2017 20:30

    This is discrimination against a child what would the teacher do if this was her child

  • Chris K.
    06/26/2017 19:26

    Since you seem to be concerned about bullying, what are your thoughts on youtuber Sargon of Akkad being publicly bullied by feminist Anita Sarkeesian at VidCon?

  • Kathleen W.
    06/26/2017 19:05

    Racism has reared its ugly head since the election. You are a beautiful girl. Can you change schools?

  • Michael H.
    06/26/2017 18:28

    I am so sorry little lady. Keep your chin up. Believe it or not. There is still love and anti racist out there. Christs peace be with you!

  • Sapphyra C.
    06/26/2017 03:25

    I remember in elementary school someone did alot of this to one of my friends one day (like choking, kicking etc) but right before we could say anything to teachers, the girl went and told them we did all of that to her, and we were the ones who got in trouble and they never believed us when we said she lied.😐

  • Sarah B.
    06/25/2017 00:57

    Such a beautiful girl. Children are so hateful these days!! Keep your head up princess! 💟💟

  • Abby M.
    06/24/2017 20:56

    I've never faced physical bullying, but I've been giving death threats, been told to kill myself, was called white trash because I wore my grandparents clothing when I was still grieving over there death, I've had pennies thrown at me because my clothes Dident look fancy, hell people still make fun of my weight. I've experienced bullying since I was 10 years old. it finnaly stopped after graduation. bullying needs to stop. it's not cool. ;-;

  • Sherrie M.
    06/24/2017 19:26

    My oldest had the same going on to him...the hitting, punching, name calling, rocks thrown at him because of his skin color...I've told the school and nothing was done so now he is in a different school in a different town and doing much better...it's the hardest thing to see ur child going though this...my heart broke so many times until we moved away...my heart goes for this little baby girl and I hope the family gets the piece they r looking for ❤️

  • Brianna T.
    06/24/2017 19:14

    I'm mostly mad at the teacher who told her that she wasn't being bullied in a racist matter. Calling a black girl like her things like Nutella and servant is very clearly racist. Maybe the teacher should be writing the definition of racist instead of this girl.

  • Jean N.
    06/24/2017 19:01

    Soo sad. Fkn bullies all over

  • Bri W.
    06/24/2017 18:57

    Soon as I seen the state I knew it was race related

  • Ralph-Lisa G.
    06/24/2017 18:28

    My granddaughter is white and she was bullied at school. Her mom pulled her,she is home schooling her now. Kids are not tought respect and alot of parents think their kids do no wrong. It doesn't alway mean racism.

  • Makayla H.
    06/24/2017 18:13

    This is really sad and them kids need their asses whooped but i find it funny how a lot of yall are talkin about how white people are racist... black people are racist too!

  • Kela W.
    06/24/2017 17:31

    Smh thats sad sooooo freaking sad and shes a pretty lil girl seems very respectful and sweet. Im sorry she had to go through that.

  • Tiff H.
    06/24/2017 17:17

    That teacher needs fired!!! And those kids need an ass whooping. This sweet girl I hope she finds a better place for education where she'll be treated fairly

  • Lucy F.
    06/24/2017 17:17

    Bruh these teachers put a front, they don't give a damn about bullying. I was bullied for so long, it took me being half dead from my classmates beating me up for my school to notice how bad the bullying was and what they were doing wrong

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