Rand Paul accused of siding with Vladimir Putin

According to John McCain "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin". I yield the floor is the new mic drop.

03/16/2017 1:47 PM


  • Hunter H.
    03/17/2017 15:42

    McCain servers as a testament to why we need term limits

  • John W.
    03/17/2017 14:37

    McCain is a war monger. He's only saying this to continue in the Industrial Military Complex. He's a douchebag who's repeating the script to start more wars with Russia. Rand Paul, in this case, is a hero.

  • Samuel R.
    03/17/2017 14:23


  • Chad S.
    03/17/2017 13:56

    Because he doesn't want us at war with Russia you mental midgets

  • Mena M.
    03/17/2017 13:53

    John McCain is in the pockets of the military industrial complex. There's a picture of him with the Syrian rebels(Isis) where he tried to bring down the Syrian secular government.

  • Christine P.
    03/17/2017 13:38

    yes bitch

  • Andrew V.
    03/17/2017 12:54

    Better watch it. We go to war withs russia. USA is done. US is not the stongest military power anymore.

  • Adam F.
    03/17/2017 10:59

    Mccain is done

  • Bill M.
    03/17/2017 10:49

    I love seeing republicans eat their own

  • Joey B.
    03/17/2017 07:26

    He's the right wing Nancy pelosi lol

  • Raymond W.
    03/17/2017 05:57

    He looks so clueless 😂😂😂

  • Mike J.
    03/17/2017 05:25

    McCain is a pos, how's your Al Queda br

  • Filip S.
    03/17/2017 05:07

    Bert Stroka

  • Ivan G.
    03/17/2017 04:39

    McCain is a criminal. The Russian narrative ended in the 80's. Go away you war mongering puppet.

  • Julio S.
    03/17/2017 04:32

    Luis Pinedo

  • Andrei M.
    03/17/2017 04:28

    John McCain is a complete idiot hahaha can someone retire thos dumb dumb lol

  • Juan J.
    03/17/2017 04:16


  • Gabriel R.
    03/17/2017 03:25

    Way to go McCain. Fn crooked bastards. Russia is in our ranks and it's at the highest level with clown đŸ€Ą number 1. Good job sir I salute you.

  • Amir N.
    03/17/2017 03:21

    😂 oh McC BS at it again !! Rand Paul has Ron Paul's patriot blood running through his veins you old fart!! lol

  • George B.
    03/17/2017 03:06

    Senator Paul is one of the few politicians who actually give a shit about this country unlike John McCain who has nothing but his lobbyist issues to stand on and flip flops more than Obama. Secondly by blocking a bill which puts a small nation into NATO who is currently in conflict with Russia. Allowing them to come into NATO would just put NATO's largest contributor ( the United States) closer to war with Russia. So no dickhead Mcvain he seems to be the only person who didn't have his head in the lobbyist ass.