Rand Paul accused of siding with Vladimir Putin

According to John McCain "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin". I yield the floor is the new mic drop.

03/16/2017 1:47 PM
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  • Trevor H.
    03/16/2017 16:17

    Poster child for term limits right here!!! Senility and public service don't mix...

  • Pasha Z.
    03/16/2017 16:25

    you better tell your friend Ron Paul to speak with his son :p

  • Earl P.
    03/16/2017 17:54

    There is a reason McCain has the nick name Song bird from his military days. I am not agreeing with him. He should become a Democrat.

  • Angel D.
    03/16/2017 18:49

    We need more people like this, stand by your principles not your party. Speak your mind, and back it up with the facts that led to your conclusion..

  • Chris W.
    03/16/2017 19:27

    holy 🔥

  • Jeff S.
    03/16/2017 19:41

    Straight from the libs playbook, "he works for the Russians". Term limits need to be put in place immediately. Old man Cain is off his rocker!

  • Kevin M.
    03/16/2017 19:58

    McCain is garbage and given his way would have us at war with every nation on this planet.

  • Jon H.
    03/16/2017 19:59

    Paul symbolically supports Putins regime since he will not support a NATO ally that Russia has invaded. Geez.

  • Deneene J.
    03/16/2017 20:02

    He forgot Mitch McConnell is working with Russia too!

  • Kevin M.
    03/16/2017 20:17

    When did this happen? Wow

  • Kevin M.
    03/16/2017 20:17

    Lots of paid Russian trolls here. They don't like this one

  • Veki K.
    03/16/2017 20:22

    This dudes a fucking joke

  • Shane E.
    03/16/2017 20:32

    Lies lies lies...he stile millions from the vets..he was head of veteran affairs and they all got treatd terrible while refugees and illegals got free healthcare and food and housing..despicable and dishonorable

  • Wolf's R.
    03/16/2017 20:59

    Another boring liberal video "news" platform to clutter my news feed? Yah.

  • Nolan V.
    03/16/2017 21:06

    Trumps winning will never end. McCain is a sore loser and a spineless coward who gave up his own as a pow.

  • Jeffery A.
    03/16/2017 21:47

    Rand Paul just stopped ww3 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Caoimhin M.
    03/16/2017 22:01

    He objected because if we allow them into NATO that would mean by law we would have to defend them militarily, and in case you don't understand, that means we would be going to war with Russia just because some rinky-dink little country is now a part of the NATO alliance and truthfully I don't think that's a big enough reason to go to war with Russia or any Nation for that matter. Rand Paul is not a fool you are Senator McCain

  • Chris D.
    03/16/2017 22:27

    Isn't McCain that former prisoner of war that was pardoned for the treason he commited by giving away info that got good men killed?

  • Dylan B.
    03/16/2017 22:30

    I'm a progressive Democrat, and I gotta side with Rand Paul here. We should defend our current allies, but we cannot afford to put any more demands on our military.

  • Eric W.
    03/16/2017 22:35

    Say what you want about McCain, he says what he believes no matter who's president. Wish more dems and republicans had integrity like him!!!!