Rand Paul vs. Dr. Fauci on face masks

Rand Paul: "You have the vaccine and you're wearing two masks. Isn't that theater?" Dr. Fauci: "Here we go again with the theater..." Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul got into a fiery exchange over masks - again.

03/18/2021 10:59 PM


  • Maggie P.
    07/20/2021 23:07

    Rand Paul is a fake doctor in a moron mask

  • Florin G.
    07/19/2021 11:44

    Dl doctor Falci dumneavoastră puteți pune stop comunicări false grupul format de Kate

  • Dean R.
    05/24/2021 17:19

    Big lol..... Liar....

  • PêrFéct ß.
    05/20/2021 07:59

    Please jailed himmm !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lita R.
    05/10/2021 23:53

    Paul Rand you are an idiot. I had Covid last year. I was sick with long haulers for most of the year. I was vaccinated last month with Pfizer. I have acute asthma and immune comprised. I have symptoms again that feel like Covid. I am waiting back on the results of a Covid test to see if I have been reinfected with a variant. My husband is a healthcare professional in the hospital so that doesn't help. I am hoping it's not it. But I have heard from others who have been reinfected.

  • Are F.
    04/26/2021 18:24

    And Israel, New Zealand, Switzerland and other do it better

  • Anton L.
    04/26/2021 15:06

    A complete moron

  • Heder P.
    04/26/2021 12:49


  • Vishal G.
    04/26/2021 05:13

    Virus mutations are genuinely deadly in nature trust me, Double and Triple mutated Variants of that Wuhan-Corona-Virus are overwhelmingly Dangerous and quick spreading as well. Precautions, Vaccinations and Remedy will No Longer gonna be under control after those deadly variants get spread in general population.. This is NOT a joke, if U take it lightly and ignored the warnings then don't cry after getting infected, coz even after taking vaccinations, there are still plausible chances to get infected unknowingly.

  • Dave T.
    04/26/2021 03:13

    Rand Paul is a total moron.

  • Chris A.
    04/25/2021 22:27


  • Mel O.
    04/25/2021 20:31

    Dr. Faucci wants to save lives and these idiots want to be re-elected. They truly know that there is a need for masks and they just play stupid for their constituents.

  • Franco S.
    04/25/2021 20:19

    Why do you leave the origin

  • Gudrun J.
    04/25/2021 19:49

    Rand Paul, you should be glad that US have such a competent person like Dr. Fauci. You yourself seems to be just a incompetent as Trump. 😱

  • Shana S.
    04/25/2021 16:34

    Should I laugh or cry 😂 He is He is... This is This is... GOSH!! Theater YES it is!! Thank you Mother God for letting me be born in Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Tina O.
    04/25/2021 15:56

    Lies and control.. I will now comply.

  • Keith B.
    04/25/2021 15:26

    OMG Rand Paul is an idiot. Show me your degree in science!!!!

  • Alexandru I.
    04/25/2021 08:25


  • Sylvia T.
    04/25/2021 08:07

    Rand Paul you are an IDIOT!!! Talk about SHOW!! That's y o u !!!!

  • Brooke B.
    04/25/2021 04:55

    So he is calling the variant 117 the original UK...Isn’t that discriminatory and xenophobic to UK ppl....just like saying Chinese just pointing that out Dr Fauci.....