Rayshard Brooks interview months before he was killed

Four months before he was killed by a police officer, Rayshard Brooks spoke up about his hopes and the harshness of the U.S. criminal justice system. This interview was filmed by Reconnect, a tech startup focused on criminal justice reform, as part of a research project earlier this year.

06/19/2020 7:59 PM


  • Linda G.
    06/23/2020 14:59


  • Souriya S.
    06/21/2020 01:59

    He tried. But should of have let the cops hand cuffed him. RIP

  • Kean K.
    06/20/2020 23:49

    For you not following instructions that where clear, and acting like a fool, running from the police, stealing a tazer and firing it at police, unfortunately cost you your life!

  • Joe Y.
    06/20/2020 21:07

    Maybe shouldn’t have fought cops, stole their taser, and tried to shoot them with it. He might have been able to live a full life if he wasn’t an idiot.

  • Reginald C.
    06/20/2020 16:49

    If the truth be told they should have worst records than us but hey they cover theirs up because they are in the office of authority $$ They know what I'm saying $$

  • Nancy S.
    06/20/2020 02:26


  • Seeta D.
    06/19/2020 23:00

    I don't understand why we don't invest in people,families, communities be proactive...not reactivate..

  • Dimitar L.
    06/19/2020 20:20

    Oh....come on again. Just stop with this. Stop creating pseudo-heroes.If he just followed the instructions and orders of the officers he would be alive now. So now what...everyone can take police officer's gun or whatever and shoot? And when police officers do they job...this is violence, they are racists? That is so stupid. In this particular case officer should be released from jail right now.

  • Brut News
    06/19/2020 19:28

    Watch the full interview here:

  • Brut
    06/19/2020 19:28

    Watch the full interview here: