Rayshard Brooks killing sparks protests against police brutality in Atlanta

⚠️ Distressing content ⚠️ Hours after his daughter's birthday party, Rayshard Brooks was killed while running from two police officers in Atlanta.

06/15/2020 6:12 PMupdated: 06/15/2020 6:15 PM


  • Mike S.
    06/20/2020 12:48

    All you police officers go home stay home and let the mob loose. Let them rape, steal, loot set fire to buildings create mayhem. Let those protecting their property look after themselves. That’s when they will realise they need a police officer

  • Naveen R.
    06/19/2020 06:33

    He tried his best to escape and the officer tried his best to execute his duty

  • Vishal R.
    06/18/2020 06:18

  • Sajwan B.
    06/18/2020 01:53

    1. Why do you run away from cop 2. Why do you resist 3. Why do you point anything to a police officer?

  • Shrikant D.
    06/17/2020 18:05

    Is there any classification as black and white police officers? Did there any need of snatching taser gun from officer and then ran away, if you knew that you were right?

  • Monicanto R.
    06/17/2020 17:55

    Stupid people deserve this You should not fight the law

  • Lunkhomang H.
    06/17/2020 17:42

    Brut video contain racism.. why you need to mention white police Officer. Why not just police officer. The video incites racism

  • Siva C.
    06/17/2020 17:20


  • Sachin J.
    06/17/2020 16:44

    Leftist Propoganda.

  • Nataraj B.
    06/17/2020 13:23

    Black life matters !!!

  • Asim R.
    06/17/2020 12:55

    Another black man killed in US , really shameful

  • Giridhar B.
    06/17/2020 10:05

    A crook is a crook why give racist color to it. You people should stop fishing in troubled waters. Hating even white or brown race is also racism. Here you are showing anti-white racism

  • Animesh J.
    06/17/2020 09:42

    The day you start saying "A police officer killed a citizen." instead of "A 'white' police officer killed a 'black' guy." Thats the day we can say we live in an equal world. Please choose words that doesn't encourage discrimination or racism. All lives matter.

  • Shubhay P.
    06/17/2020 09:03

    why did you mention WHITE police officer Brut? I think anyone is bothered to know about thier skin colour.

  • AJ A.
    06/17/2020 09:00

    Just tell me who wants to say after drinking alcohol.this oficer is totaly a bitch

  • AJ A.
    06/17/2020 08:58

    Man I can't believe u know he was intoxicated and u u do know he would make a run cause he was intoxicated cause human nerves doesn't work properly after consuming excessive alcohol.police ofcr still cud ran and caught him but know he is black he stole my taser trued to shot me so i will shoot him with guns.

  • Wakas A.
    06/17/2020 08:53

    Why run ,?

  • Payal S.
    06/17/2020 08:47

    That's what happens in US if you point any weapon towards the police irrespective of color. US allows citizens ti carry guns and therefore tje worst is always presumed.

  • Sahil B.
    06/17/2020 08:40

    Shame on this criminal for attacking the officers.

  • Roshan S.
    06/17/2020 08:34