Redefining What Means to Be Latina 👩🏽👩🏻

These Latinas are clapping back at stereotypes, embracing their culture, and redefining what means to be Latina. 👩🏽👩🏻

08/05/2018 5:01 PM


  • Arif H.
    08/22/2018 05:15


  • Suzuki M.
    08/17/2018 06:50


  • Marilu F.
    08/07/2018 01:54

    Gaby Fresquez

  • Jeff M.
    08/06/2018 12:42

    good ol fascist google, go trump

  • Christopher J.
    08/05/2018 23:17

    Does that include the one that says all latinas are a 10, are pros at the salsa, and are the best looking women in the world?

  • Michael R.
    08/05/2018 21:35

    LoudMouth Lowery we need some of these T-shirts for evelyn and Vane. Hahahahaha and one for Joaquin

  • Lu D.
    08/05/2018 21:15

    ... we in some point don’t chose to be a cleaning lady or maid and stop with the Latino thing get it right ! Unless you’re from Italia or Spain if you’re born in the American continent you’re Americana.

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