Religious leaders against bathroom bills

Religious leaders--Christian, Muslim and Jewish--gathered in front of the Texas capitol to protest bathroom bills that discriminate against transgender people. 🌈 ✝️ ✡️ ☪️

08/05/2017 4:00 PM
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  • Patricia S.
    08/10/2017 13:21

    Mark them well. Learn who they are. Remember the wolf in sheep's clothing? Remember the ravening lion who seeks to destroy the elect? These people have disobeyed the first commandment. God's Word is Truth. They have rejected God's truth for their own understanding. Their God is themselves. For them truth is their interpretation of God's Word. Satan's work is so evident now. He is running around, not being subtle and crafty, but boldly destroying. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Who God really is should be quaking in their boots and running to the shelter of His wings.

  • Kvinnosaken
    08/10/2017 12:11

  • Daniel M.
    08/06/2017 17:57

    This is a locker room and shower issue. But it does not affect privately owned businesses, same as NC had. Charlotte's ordinance would have required businesses to open their facilities without discrimination; meaning a privately owned gym would be required to allow men into women's locker rooms. NC's HB2 prevented that for publicly owned facilities.

  • Michael N.
    08/06/2017 16:40


  • Donald R.
    08/06/2017 13:06

    Don't these morons ever read the Scriptures, or maybe the Scriptures are not the basis for their teachings (doctrine). None of them should have a tax exempt status if it doesn't.... for eith your for God (Triune God) or your not!

  • Nevin S.
    08/06/2017 07:17

    what a load of bullshit- Brut is left wing cultural marixsm at it's most outrageous- You fools who frequent this site are all Useful Idiots supporting a regressive totalitarian sordid intolerant left wing narrative of LIES and sick perverted homosexual demigods- You are all insane