Religious leaders against bathroom bills

Religious leaders--Christian, Muslim and Jewish--gathered in front of the Texas capitol to protest bathroom bills that discriminate against transgender people. 🌈 ✝ âœĄïž â˜Ș

08/05/2017 4:00 PM


  • Mohamed R.
    08/13/2017 12:06

    I just want know who is this companion of the prophet who was transgendered!! Can we have his name! And who is this imam!?

  • Jonathan L.
    08/13/2017 03:46's bathrooms people.... bathrooms. If we are assigned something and cannot change it. We adjust. If we cannot adjust, we move to San Francisco and pay a professional "hugger" to hold us and tell us everything is okay now. Korea has nuclear bombs pointed at us, and we protest where we want to piss? C'mon America!

  • Karen M.
    08/12/2017 22:44

    I agree. People are who they are, God loves 'em all. He gave his only begotten we could all quibble about where someone God loves, mind you, goes to relieve themselves????

  • Steve L.
    08/11/2017 22:28

    Next stop: All public bathrooms legally required to be 1 toilet per room and a common area for sinks to wash your hands. That would be the only solution, albeit an expensive one.

  • Tarquin G.
    08/11/2017 19:18

    250 awesome people well said.

  • Annah M.
    08/11/2017 13:43

    i think its funny that they 'TALK" about it. I wanna see them hire a transgender Pastor. Until then, this video is just white noise

  • Kenzi B.
    08/11/2017 13:21

    Amber Mancuso

  • Millie F.
    08/11/2017 11:54

    This is a mental illness that is being made in to "no big deal" they only represent about 0.3% of the population

  • Lisa F.
    08/11/2017 10:37

    Satan/saturn is the god they are referring to...all religions/church systems are is he they speak of when they say he discriminates against no one...that is who they worship...and his promise is a lie...a 'genderless' society is part of the agenda of the ruling elite...

  • Anthony E.
    08/11/2017 08:44

    Sorry I'm not anti gay but if any dude enters the bathroom that my girls are in u can best believe I will be in there too . Does that make me anti LGBT a? ? If so , so be it, I'll protect my girls against any threat !!!!!

  • Tom M.
    08/11/2017 03:40

    We live under the new covenant now Jesus died for us and all our sins are forgiven past present and future

  • Rashad M.
    08/11/2017 02:09

    Just following the current trends and Rhetoric. I dread the day sex with prepubescent children will be made to look ok and legal.

  • Hailey B.
    08/11/2017 01:13

    Comments here are Internet gold. Thought I'd clear something up tho because I keep seeing it again and again. That the suicide rate for trans individuals is 40 something % .. that 40% is for people attempting suicide. Not ones committing it.

  • Chris S.
    08/10/2017 20:35

    Those in favor of the bill should be put in charge of junk check

  • Susan F.
    08/10/2017 18:28

    I'm an atheist. This is all meaningless human claptrap to address the fear of death. More people on this planet believe in reincarnation than in the Judeo-Christian bible anyway. There's no way to PROVE any of this. Peace.

  • Erik M.
    08/10/2017 17:27


  • Tee M.
    08/10/2017 17:02

    This has nothing to do with religion or oppression. This is about gender...which is what determines male or female. If you're male go to the men's...if you're female go to the women's....easy. It's not's genetic. Im not gonna pretend you are something you're not because you want me to. So we all bend to YOUR sense of self? Nope.

  • Maria J.
    08/10/2017 16:39

    There is no such thing as god and the bible is a fairy tale that has been rewritten a thousand times to suit the news of the day.

  • Francois B.
    08/10/2017 15:27

    Just proves that religion is a business. They follow the bible to the letter... This is the word of God... So when did God send a revised copy of his teachings? They just dont want to lose members of their faith cause that means less profits. We dont need to listen to religion for us to know that we should treat everybody with love and respect. It should be second nature to us to each other. I dont need to give the church 10% of what i make for them to tell me every week to love one another and to respect everybody. Thats some expensive counseling if you really think about it.

  • Bruce S.
    08/10/2017 15:10

    These are the false prophets. They are misleading their people. Don't go to those churches!!

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