Rep. Jordan vs. Dr. Fauci

"You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth.” This is what happened during a heated exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan and Dr. Fauci over COVID restrictions ...

04/16/2021 12:28 PM


  • Curt R.
    04/26/2021 05:23

    But still... even when vaccinated you test positive. A congressman tested positive right after. Water tests positive, a coke pop drink tests positive. Go back into the records prior to this and look into how many died from the typical flu prior to this fiasco?! So far, under CV19 3.016MILLION have died out of 7.674BILLION inhabitants, which is 0.000314% of the population. Spanish flu 1.5 BILLION people resided on planet Earth and 50 Million died or 3% of the populace. And btw - the "virus" has mutated several hundred times, like a flu, the CV19 shot becomes a "hope we hit this years strain" yearly flu shot; oh... joy. This is not a pandemic, its advanced flu. Time to end this planned paranoia and face the reality; its here to stay. Besides, people vaxxing is dropping off by 10's of thousands each day... not receiving the vaccines. These are facts. If we dont reactive the world's economies, stop the flow of free money, a flu will be the least of everyone's worries....

  • Una S.
    04/22/2021 11:09

    No liberties when you are dead- idiot!

  • P.s. M.
    04/22/2021 03:36

    I despise willfully ignorant people. His mouth is open and his mind is shut.

  • William P.
    04/20/2021 09:36

    He never pressed trump to do anything about the virus

  • Steve S.
    04/20/2021 05:31

    You sheep really love this guy and his defenders . If he was so righteous then why does he continue to dodge a medical debate about all his mis- information ???? Come on man wake up he is a cheap politician with a medical background,

  • Ann G.
    04/19/2021 23:29

    So "assaults on liberty" he can't abide but when a wrestling coach was actually assaulting young men, all he had was silence. What a despicable moron.

  • Nitecev A.
    04/19/2021 14:19

    Why is he wearing a mask then????

  • Linda L.
    04/19/2021 14:01

    Jordan thinks and behaves like a petulant child. The ramifications of covid are not Fauci’s fault. Its a pandemic! If one wants to blame anyone, blame people like Jordan himself for encouraging noncompliance to guidelines to stop covid from spreading.

  • Marla A.
    04/19/2021 13:45

    Dr. Fauci is a true American hero. He has selflessly devoted his life to public service. He is one of the nation's top infectious disease specialists. He deserves a medal for his service. I wish Jordan would shut his foul, racist, ignorant mouth!!!

  • Steve C.
    04/19/2021 12:06

    Jordan is just a circus clown bringing some attention to himself and the republic party. This doorknob couldn't carry a logical conversation with anything that remotely includes anything scientific. Mrs. Walters just spoke for the American public. Thank you.

  • Esteban C.
    04/19/2021 09:36

    Jordan is a spoiled brat

  • Zach C.
    04/19/2021 08:26

    Tell Maxine to shut her mouth and go back to her mansion that isn't in the district she supposedly represents...

  • Sean A.
    04/18/2021 14:28

    It's simple. If he and his constituents had followed Fauci's recommendations early on, we'd be back to "enjoying our liberties" by now.

  • Una H.
    04/18/2021 14:02

    What a loud mouth!!! He’s BULLYING Dr. Fauci (who is respected throughout the world as an expert in Infectious Diseases). He is like a child whining because he’s been told there are no more lollipops left. Give us patience with such IGNORANCE 😳

  • Tigeress L.
    04/18/2021 12:59

    Mr. Jordon is right to ask that question. Fauci wants to collect off the vaccine.

  • Gina G.
    04/18/2021 03:12


  • Logic P.
    04/18/2021 02:23

    What a grandstanding a**hole of a Trump cultist disguised as a public servant this Jordan is! 🤮

  • Doni R.
    04/18/2021 02:11

    I'm sorry for Gym Jordan. I will work very hard to make sure he doesn't get reelected. - can't believe I'm represented by this tool.

  • Lynda B.
    04/18/2021 02:02

  • Michael D.
    04/18/2021 01:13

    That man is fighting for your rights as a citizen. Wake up people start being as scared of diabetes and being over weight as much as u are afraid of covid and this country would be a lot healthier.

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