Rep. Katie Porter grills insurance companies

Rep. Katie Porter is back with her whiteboard ... And she brought another prop to call out insurance companies for wasting money.

03/29/2022 7:49 PMupdated: 03/29/2022 7:50 PM


  • Roberto R.
    04/29/2022 21:01

  • Vicki S.
    03/31/2022 03:05

    You need to take your complaints to the Whitehouse. Maybe you can talk some sense into the resident.

  • Jamie R.
    03/30/2022 21:41


  • Floriane R.
    03/30/2022 18:10

    We have public health insurance in France but still a lot of paperwork... 😔

  • Ken B.
    03/30/2022 11:45

    Medicare for all would lead to more rationed care

  • Steve B.
    03/30/2022 02:14

    Love this lady!

  • James J.
    03/30/2022 00:49

    She always talks about it but when it comes down to it she doesn't want to use government insurance she rather have private insurance

  • Teresa S.
    03/29/2022 23:41

    I love Katie

  • Anna M.
    03/29/2022 22:10


  • Jason S.
    03/29/2022 21:05


  • Aaron S.
    03/29/2022 20:59

    She better get more $1 bills than that

  • Christian P.
    03/29/2022 20:38

    Katie is a savage.

  • Ute M.
    03/29/2022 20:37

    Time to stop the government from funding Big Pharma!! Take dark money out of politics! Stop advertising drugs on TV, we have enough teenagers , young and older adults addicted to the vicious Pharma cycle!!

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