Republican senator has regrets

Republican Senator Jeff Flake calls out the GOP's silence during the birther conspiracy theory or the "lock her up!" chants.

08/07/2017 7:30 PM


  • Barbara C.
    08/10/2017 00:09

    He has turned into a nut job. Up for re-electin next year - I don't think he will make it. I will be voting for Ms. Ward.

  • Evan B.
    08/09/2017 15:18

    I wonder if Flake is pandering to the left because hes up for re-election or because hes selling a book or both.

  • Kelly C.
    08/09/2017 03:05

    But they didn't shut any of this craziness down. They fed the craziness. Now they ride the wave of craziness to control all branches of government and Crazy in Cheif is destroying our country. Woulda Shoulda Coulda stopped the Liar in Chief, but didn't.

  • Arbie V.
    08/09/2017 01:33

    Shut up, it was the truth and we should know it. Sorry, your party sucks with RINO's so, what's your point?

  • AJ R.
    08/08/2017 19:15

    Where was captain hindsight the entire time it occurred?

  • Christine P.
    08/08/2017 19:15

    You know what Jeff too litlle too late. Where were you and the rest of GOP when all this was going on? It's very easy to make a statment after the fact.

  • David N.
    08/08/2017 19:07

    Where were these cries for civility from mr flake after the birther theories came out or after the lock her up chants started happening.

  • Paul G.
    08/08/2017 19:07

    Well to be fair, the whole Republican party tried to distance themselves from Trump. But then he started winning all those damn primaries and the rest is history.

  • Nicole S.
    08/08/2017 18:59

    it starts with you. Be the change

  • Alejandro B.
    08/08/2017 18:51

    He's gonna get primaried out.😊

  • Cody F.
    08/08/2017 18:37

    So he wants the republican party to get more mature. Well how are you gonna do that with this 12 year old tweet machine as ptesident?

  • Erica S.
    08/08/2017 18:21

    His face is shaped like a left arrow... <--

  • Tim S.
    08/08/2017 17:59

    Lets not give Mr Jeff much credit here. He was silent during the birther movement and was a complacent accomplice in everything his party has done. Hes just selling a book and making face time.

  • Maria V.
    08/08/2017 17:38

    This one is on his way out!

  • Jaime A.
    08/08/2017 17:38

    It wasn't hillary who started it, it was a person from her campaign that she fired immediately after that. When he says political opponent he understands what she did he is just saying to be more civil about it and more secretive so if you do want to lock her she has no time to prepare to win. Quote and quote the Republicans are suppose to be the high role model yet you act like us so called liberals, by being basic animals and bunching up all Democrats as millennial liberals. There are some of us who voted against Trump because we were given two Damn demons to run the states us having education we just wanted the demon with political education. Now the Rich demon is losing most of his party not because they are getting better opportunities it's because he is nasty man and will throw his members first before admitting he was in the wrong like hillary.

  • Karen H.
    08/08/2017 17:17

    In the words of George R.R. Martin: Which number is bigger, 1 or 5? The only thing that worries me the most about this country is everyone acting for their own interests and only for their own interests. You see color or what percentage of your DNA comes from Europe before you can say "We are all American".

  • Kevin S.
    08/08/2017 16:34

    What is that face tho???

  • Kevin S.
    08/08/2017 16:10

    Republican senators from Arizona tend to be the upstanding ones 🤷‍♂️

  • Jen B.
    08/08/2017 15:39

    Unfortunately for Jeff Flake, his party is two parties, the reasonable wing, and the not so reasonable wing, and until the reasonable wings gets a spine and chucks out the unreasonables, or at least wrests control the gop will remain the party of the intolerant, misogynists, science deniers, and low information voters.

  • Kip D.
    08/08/2017 15:36

    Reading the comments makes me wonder what kind of mental disorder democrats have.

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