• Earl G.
    21 hours

    Rudy, you want to see rediculous, look in a mirror.

  • Earl G.
    21 hours

    The federal judges are throwing the baseless claims out by the bucket load. That should be your first clue that Trump scammed you. Smart move is to get him out, pick someone with integrity and get the party back to where it should be.

  • Gill S.
    a day

    House of cards

  • Brian J.
    2 days

    Trump supporters are the laughing stock of the world. They're laughing at them, or so I've been told. They are still crying! Still flailing! Still raging and raving and ranting and screaming. No clue, no mask, and no proof of scheming. They come out in droves to scream out "false news", blocking traffick at chistmas to enforce their fake views Didn't they cry when George Floyde died? Yes, but not for the death of the guy. They cried that protesters blicked all the streets, they cried that police have it so hard on their beats. They cried over property... ANOTHER BLACK MAN IS DEAD! They chose not to see. That kind of place is no place for me. So when we see Trump having a meltdown, denying and lying that the votes said to get down, grasping for straws and gasping for air, desperation looks better on him than his hair. We laugh. Enjoy the show, because we all celebrate watching him go.

  • Barbara G.
    2 days

    Kenneth Copeland is a money grubbing FALSE PROPHET

  • Flora F.
    3 days


  • Rob S.
    3 days

    These people aren’t Republicans, they are RINOs. The Party of Lincoln has been replaced by the Cult 45.

  • Dell J.
    3 days

    Republican administration Rikers Island 2021 🏃🚔🚔😂

  • Karen G.
    4 days

    We can recount the recount until the cows come home. Biden won fair and square. Let the transition begin.

  • Dilia G.
    4 days


  • Rich D.
    5 days


  • Anthony M.
    5 days

    The governor of Maryland, is he the brother of Hulk?

  • Armando D.
    6 days

    Pompeo mese cita un poco más de información Enero 20 a las 12.00 pm es también está en la lista de los que tienen que estar fuera de la Casa Blanca que no hable de transición el sabe que este país tiene leyes le guste a quien le guste de esaforma Descansará un poco debe estar cansado de tantos aviones récord en la historia de una presidencia

  • Fran B.
    11/19/2020 02:26

    Joe Biden did not steal the election he earned the election. He is doing what trump should have done. What American needs and deserves is a grown up President NOT a party president. This is our country and our leader needs to help keep us SAFE. Not let us die.

  • Grant H.
    11/18/2020 23:18

    Your the devil in disguise

  • Anne G.
    11/18/2020 20:00

    The morons are divided!

  • Manu H.
    11/17/2020 19:33

    Who's being ridiculous here? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Trinnah L.
    11/17/2020 11:37

    Romney and Bush, BITTER SOUR GRAPER

  • Oscar V.
    11/17/2020 09:40

    The lady said sealed it in heaven

  • Alex D.
    11/17/2020 04:24

    He is the devil himself. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit has no part of that evil man or with his ministry. Karma be yours you obnoxious a*s.

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