Retribution Feared For Prisoners With No Heat

These women have to remain faceless and nameless. They have family members locked inside a freezing federal prison — and speaking out could make matters worse.

02/21/2019 12:21 PM


  • Judas H.
    02/24/2019 15:30

    This is just the way slaverey is still going on.

  • Juan D.
    02/21/2019 20:26

    Can't do the time then don't do the crime

  • Haywood A.
    02/21/2019 14:25

    They need someone or some kind of takeover

  • Brut
    02/21/2019 14:17

    1,600 inmates were left without heat during the coldest week of the year.

  • Michael C.
    02/21/2019 13:28

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  • Lexi C.
    02/21/2019 13:00

    FCI Hazelton treats inmates the same. They were on lock down for two weeks and only got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The inmates were only allowed to shower every three days. And inmates had no phone calls or any other way of contact other than through letters. The list goes on...

  • Christopher J.
    02/21/2019 12:47

    American prison is a perfect example of socialism. Free food, free healthcare, no rights, and oppressed people

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