• Jessica K.
    09/22/2017 13:19

    Aww...he's cute. He thinks he has the right to deem behavior right or wrong. I don't care what two consenting adults do in bed. I don't care what anyone does in bed except for my man. I do care however, about people going bankrupt from medical bills, deciding if they're gonna pay their power bill or buy food, if they have to choose to work over going to school. Stuff like that.

  • Kenneth W.
    09/22/2017 13:27

    I bet he’s a pedophile. Check his computers!!!!

  • Raul M.
    09/22/2017 13:27

    Fuck hard this bastard

  • Eduardo C.
    09/22/2017 13:33

    This is the homie you find purchasing trannies in a motel 8 in some back woods in the south....tsk tsk tsk.....

  • Jeff R.
    09/22/2017 13:56

    Driving in cars is unnatural, Riding in airplanes is unnatural. Building a factory that spouts toxins into the air and sea is detestable. Sticking the penis you were born with into the orifice your consenting partner was born with as well, is neither unnatural or detestable. Neither is trying to stick your own penis into your own orifice....So please feel free to go fuck yourself.

  • David C.
    09/22/2017 14:22

    This usually just means that he hiding a secret..

  • Cody R.
    09/22/2017 14:26

    Just think. Disbarred from the Alabama SC *twice* over being a religious nutbag.

  • Eric J.
    09/22/2017 14:32

    ...why is he so interested in what people do behind closed doors? Sketchy

  • El S.
    09/22/2017 14:33

    Wonder why he don't feel the same about divorce tho?? Gods law on that is very frowned upon... 🤔😑

  • Randy M.
    09/22/2017 14:39

    wasnt everyone you can think of against it in 2005 tho

  • Larry O.
    09/22/2017 14:52

    Only people who have not explored their own sexuality would ever even consider thinking as Mr Moore does. I am sure if we had to watch him engaged in sexual activity it would be disgusting.

  • Eddie G.
    09/22/2017 14:54

    Fuck yeah🤘 I'm with bruh and if you against me Fuck you😂

  • Tony P.
    09/22/2017 14:57

    What does this guy know about nature? I bet he doesn't even believe in evolution. Why don't we leave discussions on nature and sexuality to psychologists and biologists, you know, the experts?

  • Cyrus B.
    09/22/2017 15:06

    Absolutely obsurd. ...the man is a bigot

  • Sylvano K.
    09/22/2017 15:19

    Waiting on him to be caught getting fisted in Key West

  • Reese L.
    09/22/2017 15:26

    Just because something is against the law doesn't necessarily make it wrong. Man can find anything and make it "against the law." So then therefore just because something is labeled "against the law" people automatically assume its wrong. For example there use to be a lot of laws against black people such as voting or not being able to read. Did that make it right?...no I don't think so. So if he's going to use that logic then he's saying that all the laws that was considered "illegal" should be brought back.

  • Kevin M.
    09/22/2017 15:29

    This guy is obsessing over two men having sex

  • Jack G.
    09/22/2017 15:33

    Please God help give this guy a new brain !!!

  • Dame W.
    09/22/2017 15:35

    How He Get Da Lazt Name Moor Wen He A Fukkn Neanderthal European 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Delphon B.
    09/22/2017 15:48

    Wat gay man said something bout his penis lol