Safety of Peloton treadmill questioned after child death

A safety commission released this video of a little boy getting stuck under a Peloton treadmill and is calling for a recall. After dozens of cases, including a death, owners with kids and small pets are being warned to immediately stop using the exercise equipment.

04/21/2021 4:58 PM


  • Rahul A.
    05/10/2021 09:04

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  • Roger L.
    05/06/2021 11:35

    The Peleton treadmill recall is about more than just one child being killed. There have been 70 reports of adults, children, and pets being pulled underneath its treadmills—including at least one incident that led to the death of a six-year-old. Please understand besides what you are hearing from some people, this recall is real and as of right now those treadmills are dangerous and Peleton is doing the right thing in fixing a design flaw that creates this danger.

  • Nicky R.
    05/05/2021 19:14

    Where the parents really😠

  • Ariyan K.
    05/05/2021 16:09

    this happened to me wtf

  • Krystal G.
    05/05/2021 12:39

    Looks like a child monitoring problem more than a peloton problem

  • Rawnaq H.
    05/05/2021 11:34

    Dek shamla handaya gese

  • Ca R.
    05/05/2021 01:20

    This is absolutely ridiculous.....u don't simply blame the company or it's product when the actual problem is with us,the users.😎

  • Kosia F.
    05/04/2021 23:08

    Inacceptable 🤮stupid parents

  • Jezebel B.
    05/04/2021 21:18

    😂 what a stupid fucking dumb kïd. It should have been injured. If you can’t watch your over grown cum, don’t ferment it.

  • Gemma F.
    05/04/2021 21:08

    Maybe follow the damn safety warnings on the machine. The f*cking audacity of parents letting kids around dangerous stuff they chose to buy or own and then blaming everything/everyone but themselves. Just watch your damn kids.

  • AJ A.
    05/04/2021 19:51

    There cud b some serious injuries those parents sudn't hv let them play with it.

  • Dan K.
    05/04/2021 18:49

    So where do the parents come in or their skills of parenting... Guess that's arbitrary 🙄

  • Lakshmi N.
    05/04/2021 17:38

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  • Mubasshir M.
    05/04/2021 15:02

    dekh bhai

  • Ijeoma N.
    05/04/2021 12:08

    How is it the fault of d treadmill

  • Omatseye O.
    05/04/2021 11:28

    Children should not be allowed that close,by attending adults.

  • Parminder M.
    05/04/2021 07:56

    Wow because of the neligence of some retard parents, you are blaming the treadmill manufacturers. Are treadmills a kids playing area ?

  • Shakib A.
    05/04/2021 07:54

    इतनी छोटी बच्ची का ध्यान हमेशा रखना होगा हर वक्त कोई न कोई रहना चाहिए

  • Ashok J.
    05/04/2021 07:45

    Oh no

  • Saher S.
    05/04/2021 07:28

    How irresponsible 😡