• Deshan Y.
    05/19/2017 20:16

    Why is he talking so quietly? lmao

  • Jake G.
    05/19/2017 20:30


  • Lj F.
    05/19/2017 20:42

    Bernie for president and vice president lol

  • Brandon H.
    05/19/2017 21:15

    Bernie needs to retire and go back home to Russia..

  • Mario J.
    05/19/2017 21:37

    Republicans would love to see the USA burning, as long liberals smoke 15 minutes of that air, that's how pathetic trumpanzies are, they don't care about this country , they are party over America.

  • Jason P.
    05/19/2017 21:50

    It doesn't take Trump to tell the majority of us that the news is "fake" or "slanted" we can see that clearly. I would go out on a limb and say the VAST majority of the middle class has a VERY low expectation of the current media avenues. We expect them to be slanted to one side or the other. All Bernie is doing here is talking to his base and giving one more "label" for people to use. Well sadly people on the "fence" are going to end up falling right because the left just won't listen. The "fence" people have opinions that differ from the core value of the left. So they get labeled and scrutinized with no choice but to vote right. Keep it up left. You're gonna be really shell shocked come 2018 when the republicans pick up more seats.

  • Luis C.
    05/19/2017 22:12

    We the people will prevail no matter what we are intelligent human beings n will not fall for this. Lets open. Are minds n eyes mr Incompetent n his whole administration won't succeed in god we trust. Believe no matter what the. Right or. Kkk or trumpzies or what ever you call your self. GODBLESSUSALL

  • Bishop T.
    05/20/2017 00:22

    Crazy Bernie it does not take Donald Trump to persuade me that the media outlets are pathelogical liars.

  • Micah S.
    05/20/2017 00:53

    I don't think Bernie is necessarily apart of the establishment; he's just naive. Only a fool would trust media. Any media. Left media, right media, movies, tv shows and music. It's all designed to do one thing - shape you into whatever mold fits their agenda.

  • Micah S.
    05/20/2017 00:55

    The best form of mind control is media. It's cleverly disguised propaganda. But it's sophisticated as hell and coming at you from so many directions you don't even notice.

  • George B.
    05/20/2017 00:59

    Friggin loser irrelevant rollover should shut up

  • Trenton S.
    05/20/2017 01:03

    The socialist calling trump an authoritarian..... If you dont understand how funny that is then i really suggest you learn the joke

  • Dane-Ami F.
    05/20/2017 01:12

    Hahaha this crazy socialist is getting worse and worse 😂😂😂

  • J.T. K.
    05/20/2017 01:21

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hillary blew a 50% lead in the elections.

  • Jonathan S.
    05/20/2017 02:15

    Okay hold up and listen - trust the fuckin reporters, the real hardnose journalists who wade through the shit to bring any sort of inkling of an idea as to what the fuck happens in the outside world? Do you think you learn any of that without media? Unless you literally had contacts in every other place in the world that you were somehow personally in contact with, you simply could not gather the data necessary to give you even a weather report. What you need to say is take the first instance of a new story with a grain of salt and do your cross checking to ensure the reporter's integrity and the publishers reliability and intent

  • Zach Y.
    05/20/2017 03:12

    Has normal what?

  • Josh S.
    05/20/2017 03:18

    In general they are lying? Lol i voted bernie but if there's one thing trumps right about, its how biased the news outlets are. They say things to sell papers. Hating on trump is what's popular so they do what sells more. Majority of things they accuse him of now, they've defended others (Clinton) about before. The media is bs lol.

  • Josh C.
    05/20/2017 03:21

    would you agree?

  • Steve W.
    05/20/2017 03:32

    Mans not wrong tho Like him or not hes not lying to you. Some russians hiding behind fake profiles would like to tell you different tho. Wonder why that is🤔

  • Mason L.
    05/20/2017 03:51

    This man is an outright supporter for socialism right? As far as I know, socialism has not worked in any country that I am aware of. Why do so many people support him? I'm just curious as to what yall think. No hate was given, I expect to receive none. Thanks in advance.