• Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 03:41

    These conservative snowflakes are fake news.

  • Rusty L.
    05/21/2017 18:09

    Bernie has alzheimers. He needs to go to old peoples homes.

  • Tony E.
    05/21/2017 17:44

    Yet he sold out, should tell you a lot

  • Jordan V.
    05/21/2017 17:24

    Bernie is a fucking lunatic

  • Rusty R.
    05/21/2017 15:59

    Then tell them to quit lying!!!!! Problem solved.

  • Yolanda T.
    05/20/2017 22:37

    Shut up đŸ€

  • Jean B.
    05/20/2017 22:08

    Go home bernie

  • Peter J.
    05/20/2017 20:27

    Agreed, but Bernie's mistake is not pointing out the corruption within the systems people can tell are corrupted or bias without trump having to point it out. His credibility was shot once he vouched for Clinton.

  • Cooper A.
    05/20/2017 19:46

    And trump isn't destroying any credibility of those institutions. They've done it themselves with clear unrelenting bias. This is again part of the liberal mindset, inability to accept responsibility.

  • Cooper A.
    05/20/2017 19:41

    Crazy old man. Can't take him seriously when he shit on his constituents to afford his 3rd summer home. He's lying to y'all 😂

  • Priscilla S.
    05/20/2017 19:14

    Yes Bernie. Eso!

  • Tiernan R.
    05/20/2017 19:09

    Go Trump

  • Trevor C.
    05/20/2017 19:07

    Trump is a piece of shit!!! Don't know how dummy's can actually like him

  • Kali M.
    05/20/2017 18:45

    I love Bernie he knows his shit. If you believe in and or trust trump you a different type of student

  • Filip S.
    05/20/2017 18:36

    What a lying sack of treacherous shit. Im in no way shape or form supporting trump but networks and news papers are gov owned propaganda machines.

  • Steph D.
    05/20/2017 18:09

    Pinche viejo pendejo.

  • Olis A.
    05/20/2017 17:36

    I know what you're gonna say. But just think about it.

  • Reid V.
    05/20/2017 17:24

    Bernie knows all to well about the elite left bias media. Do they over report and frame issues a certain way, of course. But they don't flat out lie very often. Anyone with half a brain can spot the bias and paint an accurate picture.

  • Andrew S.
    05/20/2017 15:23

    Fuck this communist

  • Giselle R.
    05/20/2017 15:10

    He's saying that Donald Trump is trying to denounce our trust in the media. He's trying to cover up his corruption by claiming they're fake. Bernie isn't saying he approves of Donald Trump. He's explaining Donald Trump's ridiculous manipulation method. Bernie is still the good guy.

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