• Kevin S.
    02/15/2017 01:04

    The real man who should have been president. Man with morals and values

  • Jamie T.
    02/16/2017 03:16

    That guy was a unrealistic guy who doesn't have a grip on reality.

  • Yolanda G.
    02/16/2017 09:30

    Phony. You got your loot and lost your chances. No more shennanigans.

  • Gerard K.
    02/17/2017 12:56

    Poor Bernie... Will always be known as " the Socialist free shit guy" and for being unceremoniously thrown under the bus by his own party. He does the righteous indignation thing well, but otherwise he is an unrealistic utopian can never get there guy. His math and statistics never hold up but his followers don't care. Quite the political figure.

  • Peter W.
    02/18/2017 14:09

    Poor babies

  • Robert A.
    02/18/2017 15:28

    Wa Waaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa useless man !!!