Sarah Anthony: to ban or bear arms

When heavily armed protesters entered her place of work, her life changed. State Representative Sarah Anthony, the first Black woman to serve in her Michigan district, shared her journey with Brut reporter Léo Hamelin - Brut.

12/05/2020 1:58 PMupdated: 12/09/2020 2:14 PM


  • Adrian M.
    12/07/2020 08:21

    Once the people give up their Rights,they aint getting it back! This is not about Race, its Rights!

  • Mel O.
    12/06/2020 16:02

    Except for the military, only murderers want guns. Not even the law enforcement.

  • Liz H.
    12/06/2020 15:26

    We all remember this, but many issues are clarified. We see We the People tatoos for example and now know that is a violent group talking sedition at their last multi-state conference. There is no Second Amendment right to form a militia. Militias must be authorized and called up by the governor, otherwise they are vigilantes. I think you will agree our state representative is very courageous.

  • Arlene A.
    12/06/2020 15:02

    This kind of people who Ruined their country how come that AMERICA is a great country if the President is a unfit this kind position and look this people who are shouting for what wearing a mask

  • Hannukah E.
    12/06/2020 13:57

    What is going on really in the USA divorced 😒

  • Margaret G.
    12/06/2020 10:12

    What a load of morans ...America is now the laughing stock of the world.. well done you knock Korea and Russia off the top .. your top for that orange blob who wont admit he lost and the lemmings that follow him and how you all killed what America stands for .. well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 your award is on its way its rounding the corner...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremiah T.
    12/06/2020 06:07

    🦇 💩 crazy

  • Cory N.
    12/06/2020 05:53

    Another “victimized” liberal who thinks her emotions about weapons justifies banning them, go hide under a rock where you belong!! just another useless democrat swamp member....notice the che guevara book on her shelf in the video?? And they wanna say democrats aren’t communists lol

  • David B.
    12/06/2020 04:25

    Ban them all.

  • Marcie A.
    12/06/2020 04:14

    Oh I think they misunderstood the word polite 🙄

  • Bonnie N.
    12/06/2020 00:10

    April 30th was trumps fault, NRA shouldn’t give arms to crazies

  • Anne K.
    12/06/2020 00:06

    This idolization of Trump is ridiculous.

  • Portia D.
    12/05/2020 23:14

    She’s an amazing person. Always has been!!! I hate anyone had to experience this. Keep up the fight

  • Stephen S.
    12/05/2020 21:06

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” The 2nd amendment was written to protect the American citizens from their own government!

  • Christopher G.
    12/05/2020 18:59

    Americans don't tend to understand much beyond of course, they don't know how gun control is supposed to work. And they assume it just means "ban all guns".😆🤦‍♂️

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