Seesaws at Border Bring People Together

These seesaws at the U.S.-Mexico border are connecting people and families through play. This architecture professor created the installation as a form of protest and to show how actions have direct consequences.

A beautiful reminder that we are connected

Architect Ronald Rael installed 3 pink seesaws on the U.S.-Mexico border between Sunland Park, New Mexico and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The Teeter-Totter Wall was originally designed in 2009 by Rael and Virginia San Fratello. They drew the design of the “Teeter-Totter Wall” for the book “Borderwall as Architecture,” which UC-Berkeley said uses “humor and inventiveness to address the futility of building barriers.” Ten years later, their conceptual drawings became reality.

“What is done on one side has an impact on the other. And that is what a seesaw does, it goes up and goes down. Exactly that. It's really sad that something like a barrier separates us… because there are Mexicans on that side of the border, just as there are Americans on this side, and to wonder what we can do to see each other. Beautiful reminder that we are connected: what happens on one side impacts the other. Here at the wall — well we felt something very beautiful because to live with those on the other side and spend and enjoy a moment — well it's very nice for us. Civilization is nothing without the support & understanding between neighbors & nations,” Ronald Rael shares.

They installed it to connect and unify children at the border according to the UC Press. Rael says the seesaws are a symbol of how actions have direct consequences on the other side. Pink seesaws were installed between a fence separating the United States from Mexico to encourage people on both sides to meet up and have some fun. There was “no advance planning for participants on the Mexico side of the fence,” the university said. In an Instagram post, Rael said the event was “filled with joy, excitement and togetherness at the border wall.”


07/30/2019 9:12 PMupdated: 07/31/2019 2:35 PM
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  • Scotty M.
    3 days

    I saw the coyote use this trick on loony toons.

  • Danny M.
    3 days

    Secure the Border we don't need what bad things Mexico has to offer to us. We have Democrats in the government as of now trying to turn the USA into a s******* hole

  • Robert M.
    4 days

    And soon they will be catapulting people over the wall.

  • Mark B.
    4 days

    It’s pretty cool for a five-year-old. How’s about a job that’s even better.

  • Amanda Y.
    5 days

    Such a cool idea! Not sure why they're upset by a border though. If you don't understand why a country had a border that's a special kind of stupid.

  • Danny R.
    6 days

    keep building the wall and get the free loaders off the American tit

  • Fred E.
    7 days

    The wall makes it difficult for the children to unite. The illegals should go back home so they can unite with their friends.

  • Jay O.
    01/19/2020 19:45

    Best thing that has happened to the us

  • Adam W.
    01/19/2020 19:38

    Thats stupid..your creating whats gunna be a problem.

  • Nathan K.
    01/19/2020 05:58

    Maybe don't enter illegally?

  • Mathew H.
    01/18/2020 02:36

    It’s going to be unused after about a month or so.

  • Chris S.
    01/18/2020 01:31

    Well .... Countries have borders ... Don't like it ... Have Mexico join US ??

  • Justin H.
    01/17/2020 13:47

    Drug catapult

  • Loretta J.
    01/16/2020 15:40

    I agree with the wall thank you Trump for that

  • Shelli C.
    01/16/2020 06:04

    Don't care anymore. I was on Facebook looking at my settings and being in love blinded me. I just realized I been lied to before the 6 weeks worth of every night fighting that sent me to the hospital 2 times. And still the bullshitting. I can't do it anymore. When I tried to get to him to marry him his own friends refuse to take me to him. I should have taken the final hint. He won't change

  • Chris T.
    01/15/2020 16:19

    i mean yall could just get a passport and come back legally so

  • Steve M.
    01/15/2020 07:16

    Need thousands like them and We need to install seesaw power generators in each one that way at least we could generate some power to offset the taxpayer money that the government gives the illegals when they sneak over :)

  • Seven H.
    01/14/2020 20:30

    Do you know how easy it would be to cherry bomb a child over that fence? LOL!!!

  • Charles D.
    01/13/2020 22:30

    Drug catapult

  • Kaedon J.
    01/13/2020 21:51

    Yeah come here legally and you won't have any problems! Pretty simple actually