Seesaws at Border Bring People Together

These seesaws at the U.S.-Mexico border are connecting people and families through play. This architecture professor created the installation as a form of protest and to show how actions have direct consequences.

A beautiful reminder that we are connected

Architect Ronald Rael installed 3 pink seesaws on the U.S.-Mexico border between Sunland Park, New Mexico and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The Teeter-Totter Wall was originally designed in 2009 by Rael and Virginia San Fratello. They drew the design of the “Teeter-Totter Wall” for the book “Borderwall as Architecture,” which UC-Berkeley said uses “humor and inventiveness to address the futility of building barriers.” Ten years later, their conceptual drawings became reality.

“What is done on one side has an impact on the other. And that is what a seesaw does, it goes up and goes down. Exactly that. It's really sad that something like a barrier separates us… because there are Mexicans on that side of the border, just as there are Americans on this side, and to wonder what we can do to see each other. Beautiful reminder that we are connected: what happens on one side impacts the other. Here at the wall — well we felt something very beautiful because to live with those on the other side and spend and enjoy a moment — well it's very nice for us. Civilization is nothing without the support & understanding between neighbors & nations,” Ronald Rael shares.

They installed it to connect and unify children at the border according to the UC Press. Rael says the seesaws are a symbol of how actions have direct consequences on the other side. Pink seesaws were installed between a fence separating the United States from Mexico to encourage people on both sides to meet up and have some fun. There was “no advance planning for participants on the Mexico side of the fence,” the university said. In an Instagram post, Rael said the event was “filled with joy, excitement and togetherness at the border wall.”


07/30/2019 9:12 PMupdated: 07/31/2019 2:35 PM
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  • Taylor R.
    a day

    This what they want you to see. Instead of the crime and death and how truly dangerous the border is. They want us to think it’s no big deal that we put a wall up to separate ourselves from a country that clearly needs our help. They ask for help and we put up a wall. As long as it’s fun and pretty nobody will do anything about it.

  • Billy F.
    a day

    Should be baned

  • Kitkat M.
    a day

    Reading these comments is disgusting. AS A SPECIES WE HAVE MISSED THE MARK! We have true potential to destroy our world with manmade weapons and it’s going to happen BECAUSE OUR WORLD HAS CLOSED ITS EYES TO WHAT WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO US AS PEOPLE! Brainwashed. Live your lives chasing other people’s dreams. 😳🤦‍♀️

  • Ryan T.
    a day

    Go back home... see saw all u want

  • Timothy L.
    2 days

    Ahh so thats how they get the social security checks across 🤣

  • Isaac C.
    3 days

    Look at the trash on one side and not the other.

  • Ryan P.
    3 days

    Stay out of my country.

  • Jorden J.
    4 days

    For everyone that says it's easy to follow the law and do it right have never had to be in there shoes. It takes YEARS sometimes to get accepted. They dont exactly have it easy over there. Most of them just want to be with family. Most of us wouldn't even last a week in there shoes.

  • Jasmin C.
    4 days

    Ellen DeGeneres needs to see this

  • Jas H.
    5 days

    OUCH someones gonna get burned for destruction of property.

  • David M.
    5 days

    Everyone against this is just cold hearted to be honest

  • Walter P.
    5 days

    So ur just encouraging immigrants to come

  • Tyana B.
    5 days

    I’m guessing no one in here has watched “ The boy in striped pajamas.” ( I know it’s about something different but there was a border between two kids, kids that just wanted to be kids and hang out with each other but couldn’t.

  • Joesey S.
    6 days

    Great idea at night time to launch drugs over lolol.

  • Diana C.
    6 days


  • Rod G.
    6 days

    The wall needs to be higher...with a moat with sharks with laser beams attached to their heads!!

  • Philip H.
    6 days

    Want to know what you can do to see each other follow the rules and regulations get a passport

  • Anthony D.
    7 days

    I got an angle grinder and extension cord imma go over there and cut that down heck with all that

  • Teshome V.
    12/02/2019 03:03

    Hopefully they tear it down lol

  • Cody S.
    12/02/2019 02:13

    No all this means is if there's a toy for kids they play with it