• Gary S.
    06/19/2017 17:20

    "Greatest country in thehistoryofthe world" - clearly doesn't get it! Espousing the rhetoric he is denouncing.

  • Alanna B.
    06/19/2017 16:22

    Greats country in the history of the world? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just like Rome right

  • Jim Y.
    06/19/2017 02:14

    The problem is all the fucking hate is coming from your side of the island you fucking idiot

  • Phyllis C.
    06/18/2017 12:51

    If as long as this so called charity event been going they should eradicated the need for poor housing and jobs...

  • Marlon T.
    06/18/2017 03:26

    want a white flag...watch the white flag aka shooter (he could be planted like Malcolm X's killers) yall know the " Get yo hand out my pocket" planted type?!

  • Dennis H.
    06/17/2017 13:09

    Everybody knows what caused it!! Hateful, sore looser Democrats.

  • Carol B.
    06/16/2017 18:39

    Get rid of Trump,then it will get better.

  • Deandre C.
    06/16/2017 14:41

    Not eliminated but "toned down". We can accept a little hate but not to much LMAO SMH!!! SERIOUSLY

  • Jasmine K.
    06/16/2017 14:35

    Was that a joke?

  • Andre L.
    06/16/2017 14:34

    Tell your president

  • Sean S.
    06/16/2017 14:20

    I dont think i know, i do know what caused it, an angry man with a gun caused it

  • Valerie B.
    06/16/2017 14:08

    As A Team???? oh please.

  • AJ P.
    06/16/2017 14:00

    According to Fox News it's all the fault of hateful, violent leftists

  • Val R.
    06/16/2017 13:40

    "Emeffas love to scream 'Peace!' after they've started some s**t!" -2Pac

  • Cid G.
    06/16/2017 12:52

    "Maybe the 2nd amendment people have something to say about that" , those are powerful words for someone who gives blessings

  • Jamaal B.
    06/16/2017 12:43

    It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

  • Je E.
    06/16/2017 12:27

    Says the same thing Bernie says

  • Wavey A.
    06/16/2017 10:59

    Soooo it takes one of your own to catch a bullit for you to want peace. But when its people of color getting killed by police and trump spreading hate for the last year we dont hear a peep from you scum bags foh

  • Enrique D.
    06/16/2017 10:50

    "greatest country in the history of the world" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Oh man that's a good one.

  • Dominic D.
    06/16/2017 07:56

    Oh don't cry now this is karma they're getting what they deserve. I bet you they don't feel so untouchable anymore let's see if this tightens their ass up. I've had enough of these people playing around with our lives.