Sen. on democracy

“Democracy is changing in this country.” Senator Elizabeth Warren’s hot take on what democracy is now.

08/28/2017 12:00 AM
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  • John Z.
    08/28/2017 16:27

    Why is she always so angry?

  • Kyle M.
    08/28/2017 17:02

    She's angry because she conflates her ideology with her identity, as do all liberals. As a result, if you question their ideology, you also question their identity... That's how you get today's American youth, incapable of having coherent conversation on a multitude of opinions. Because of this kind of politician right here...

  • Andres S.
    08/28/2017 17:09

    You had your chance Warren, and you choose Hillary, now you are in the losing team.

  • Sean S.
    08/28/2017 17:09

    Freedom and rights are only illusions... same goes for democracy...

  • Stephen P.
    08/28/2017 17:13

    she just gives me so much life I can't even 🙏

  • Flower F.
    08/28/2017 17:37

    Enough people sick of her though

  • GC E.
    08/28/2017 17:53

    Andrew Shkreli

  • Brian V.
    08/28/2017 18:05

    democracy is a terrible system of anti-freedom.

  • Nancy R.
    08/28/2017 18:09

    this woman is certifiably nuts. this is not passion, this is mental illness., her lying inthe past is one reason I will never vote for this woman.

  • Arbie V.
    08/28/2017 18:18

    Hillary talks about "creeps" and it seems the DNC is loaded with them, especially this broad.

  • Ralph J.
    08/28/2017 18:30

    Pocahontas is full of crap. Health care is not a basic right, and providing it is not a basic responsibility. We must choose free market dynamics over the white elephant of socialized medicine with its monumental bureaucratic waste, its enriching of bureaucrat toadies & politicians, and it's diminished services for the consumer.

  • Billy B.
    08/28/2017 18:42

    go to hell

  • Joseph U.
    08/28/2017 18:46

    Get lost please. you are off.

  • Will K.
    08/28/2017 19:00

    We don't live in an absolute democracy, and if we were to lead in that direction then the collapse of our nation would be inevitable. We need to head into a direction in which people people have the freedom to choose, to live as they want without people steeping on their rights. A majority rule country would do just that. Meaning people can vote on policies that can infringe on the rights of others.

  • Vinco K.
    08/28/2017 19:06

    Crazy old lady

  • Kyle C.
    08/28/2017 19:20

    filthy frank reaction queued up

  • Patsy V.
    08/28/2017 19:27

    SHUT UP, LIZ!!!

  • Victoria A.
    08/28/2017 19:46

    well join with jill stein to push the 2 party public enemy's out of existence with an independent agenda !

  • Daniel A.
    08/28/2017 19:56

    bruh she really encouraging protesters to keep it up😒

  • Richard L.
    08/28/2017 20:16

    It's my basic human right to force doctors to take care of me. Especially white ones