• DeLeary M.
    09/10/2017 01:29

    We are a republic and are representatives are failing to represent us and are putting the power in the hands of illegal invaders and calling it "democracy."

  • Steve T.
    08/31/2017 13:57

    Sorry, Ralph, but it is you who are "full of crap." And your racial slur is duly noted. We are the only fully developed country in which citizens don't have health care from the Government. The only thing a "free market" does is steal 80% off the top. But keep being manipulated by billionaires and voting against your own self-interest...

  • Sue C.
    08/30/2017 21:21

    Nut case!!!

  • Ryan D.
    08/29/2017 15:50


  • Douglas L.
    08/29/2017 15:44


  • Jesus C.
    08/29/2017 13:45

    No solution though. You want free healthcare, sure. Who's paying for it? The rich people! Well the rich people won't have enough money since it'll affect their investments for more product or services. Everyone will pinch in and pay high tax rate, people love that! Wonderful utopia right! What, the doctors quit because he/she is not getting paid! 😲. I guess we're f***ed. But I know liberals solution, MORE TAXES!!!

  • Chelsie W.
    08/29/2017 13:45


  • Tamayo B.
    08/29/2017 13:30

    I gotta start hitting the streets as well. She's absolutely right.

  • Jake T.
    08/29/2017 13:15

    what a pile of dump people like her are why Trump won

  • Peter D.
    08/29/2017 12:57

    it's khalessi

  • Michael T.
    08/29/2017 12:33

    Pocahontas becomes more and more unhinged everyday Trump is in office. It's going to be a loooong 8 years. 😂🇺🇸

  • Paul M.
    08/29/2017 11:50

    Unhinged much?

  • Luis C.
    08/29/2017 11:10

    Trump is carazy old boy playing you head

  • Nevin S.
    08/29/2017 09:27

    DEAR-All you pro gay folk - You are in solidarity with Big Business, Big government, Hollywood, Musicians and all the ELITISTS- in fact you are so mainstream it's pro establishment, rubber stamped by the ELITES- Enjoy it you fools and useful idiots

  • Heather L.
    08/29/2017 09:14

    Love her!!!!

  • Lamarr B.
    08/29/2017 09:05

    Democracy is fraud this republic form of government

  • Fernanda L.
    08/29/2017 07:46

    Just a general response to those Trump Supporters... Trump would be an okay president if the things he did right had more weight than the things he did wrong. He can do stuff right, I am not a supporter of his, but I am 100% okay with him doing his job, but him not being human and being, quite honestly, dumb (cause I literally cannot believe his stance with global warming) is something I will not stand for. How can you support someone who isn't good for everyone?

  • Joshua K.
    08/29/2017 06:59

    Words have meanings. Limited resources cannot be human rights without slavery or forfeiting that "right" discriminately.

  • Luka T.
    08/29/2017 06:32

    She has no argument other than saying words that focus on emotional feeling. All she said was health care is a right but with nothing to back up no evidence etc. just keep on with democracy and voting....

  • Taqwan C.
    08/29/2017 06:21

    She is the best

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