• John D.
    02/08/2017 22:35

    Why is pense always standing next to trump when signing these executive orders?

  • Sam T.
    02/08/2017 05:19

    He refers to 9/11 and most of those Terrorist came from Saudi Arabia which is a country he is doing business with. So how is that protecting us when it seems like he's protecting his interests above all.

  • Ruben M.
    02/07/2017 22:10

    There you are stupid mother fucker where is your stupid executive order ???? Asshole

  • Valerie P.
    02/07/2017 20:58


  • Wes W.
    02/06/2017 16:28

    Saudi Arabia had 15 out 19 terrorist who USA identified. Why isn't this country banned. Oh. I know why, Trump has business deals with these people. He is as crooked as any con in jail.

  • Edwin P.
    02/05/2017 20:40

    Maybe keep some Government Americans Terrace away 9/11 was an inside job and everybody knows that including the government I am afraid of what the government is going to host next and try to make us believe then those seven countries

  • Meumelah A.
    02/05/2017 07:15

    We have danger within our own country...might as well just ban people from going from state to state too because it's too dangerous...

  • David H.
    02/04/2017 21:42

    lol San Bernardino was white guys . There were 911 calls saying it was whit guys doing the shooting

  • Aaron T.
    02/04/2017 16:53

    Hah ok...keep in mind he's preventing ISIS idiot...9/11 and the marathon bombings were just examples...you really are stupid aren't you

  • Leslie M.
    02/03/2017 14:41

    NOT a MUSLIM BAN!!! The top 5 Muslim countries in the world aren't even on the list, 😂!

  • Devin A.
    02/03/2017 10:50

    Same pussy that made this will cry and bitch about the next terror attack on US land. It ends in 1/4 of a year but since it's not what you think is right it is wrong and anyone who thinks otherwise.

  • Tiger N.
    02/03/2017 09:31

    Good one keep it up

  • Lizabeth .
    02/03/2017 09:07

    He's not trying to ban terrorists he trying to ban innocent refugees ,, open your eyes people 👀

  • Claire H.
    02/03/2017 08:02

    Not a Muslim ban, a 3 month moratorium on travelers from 7 countries that Obama listed, so US can review it's vetting process. But don't let the facts get in your way.

  • Chris G.
    02/03/2017 07:26

    Lol fool

  • Mujgan H.
    02/03/2017 06:16

    I was so sure On top of the list would be 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Afghanistan 3. Pakistan ..... And so on . These were the countries where the terrorists were from and where they trained 😦😦

  • Lopez M.
    02/03/2017 04:47

    Hitler's Girl Friend Donald Dump

  • Cody H.
    02/03/2017 02:29

    We dont want them here. Straight up

  • Wayne A.
    02/03/2017 02:27

    Would u like him to eliminate alll country's instead

  • Wayne A.
    02/03/2017 02:27

    Yes but these groups are organized in those country's and that is were the biggest threat is