Several states temporarily ban abortion amid the COVID-19 crisis

"Denying abortion care to women that need it is very dangerous." Several states are trying to limit abortion access during the coronavirus outbreak.

04/02/2020 4:59 PM


  • Adalberto M.
    04/20/2020 03:54

    Omg you will be regret .

  • Marco M.
    04/16/2020 06:05

    1st option- abusive partner, legs closed 2nd- morning after pill 3- condoms

  • Josephine V.
    04/15/2020 00:51

    Listen lady it is not essential for you to feel you don’t want the baby. Remember ABORTIONS are murder!! You don’t want a child then protect your self ahead of time! SHAME on YOU to come on social media with your cocky attitude on top of it

  • Quintin v.
    04/07/2020 15:50

    You need to go and think if your mother were thinking the way you would be nothing!!! How can you have a heart 💔 like that😭 you are 💔 less

  • Thyda K.
    04/06/2020 13:54

    Everyone should be responsible for their own choices.

  • Wendy B.
    04/05/2020 05:47

    In 1985 we didn’t have much on birth control so I didn’t have the choice but today ladies there is so much out and available there is no excuse. That’s what frustrates me to no end especially with the plan b pill. Most drs give out scrips or samples and if you don’t have the $40 CvS charges go online and get the prescription assist it cost nothing then and no one would ever know. I lived with a man who beat the crap out of me. We had a son and I lost a child from being beaten. My son is thriving adult and he didn’t have much of a relationship with his dad either. I never got apology for losing that child. If it means you having to have this child because of this virus. Have the baby and give it up. Many people who’d want a child newborn today. I worked in a call center in Woodbridge NJ pulled my car in the lot shut it off and the building blew up. They were my friends coworkers men and women who counseled women on were to go and what options they had and that was in 1989. Remember you don’t know if those health care workers have the virus. At this point I’d have a baby then die from this virus. A baby can be adopted and many Americans want a Americans baby. I would it would matter to me what color he or she was. Please I am not telling you not to or your wrong I am pointing out, get the morning after pill, my daughters dr hands them out like tic tacs. If you can’t get it done I promise you it will be alright. Good Luck ladies and yes I know it’s your body I am just giving advice as a pro choice supporter. I’ve been in your shoes not during a pandemic but pregnancy, not married no money or home

  • Collins N.
    04/04/2020 19:57

    Educating people don't mean judgement. Avoid premarital that will lead you to unwanted pregnancy which can lead to your early death beside it's a sin before God. Millions are looking for that which you are throwing away;"Think That". Ignorance is not a virtue.

  • Kathleen S.
    04/03/2020 16:32

    Sorry not feeling sorry ....

  • Gayle J.
    04/03/2020 15:52

    It's called freedom of speech can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen 😡 don't tell everyone to stop Saying what they think

  • Bill M.
    04/03/2020 15:15

    You took a child's life. That sucks.

  • Lamar S.
    04/03/2020 13:56

    So the baby pays for your irresponsible actions.

  • Cathy L.
    04/03/2020 13:39

    She should have taken steps to not get pregnant. She also has the power within her to leave this abusive partner. Some day she will realize what she missed by not giving her child life.

  • Tanya V.
    04/03/2020 11:51

    So I’m pro life, but willing to compromise to legalizing 1st term, if that is the only way to stop late term abortions. But what does the corona virus have to do with abortions being stoped?

  • Tanya V.
    04/03/2020 11:45

    Pro life or pro abortion this might be the dumbest supporting abortion I have ever heard. What is essential is birth control, morning after pill???

  • Raza A.
    04/03/2020 10:42


  • Gayle J.
    04/03/2020 05:01

    Well guess what it's essential and I don't want to hear about it b****

  • Bonnie A.
    04/03/2020 04:39

    Then don’t get pregnant and don’t dare violent people

  • Jake H.
    04/03/2020 04:31


  • Roberto G.
    04/03/2020 03:35


  • Brian B.
    04/03/2020 03:02

    Birth control maybe?

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