She was nearly sterilized while in ICE custody

"You know you're having a hysterectomy, right?" Jaromy Floriano Navarro was nearly sterilized without her consent while in ICE custody. This is her story.

01/18/2021 4:58 PM


  • Diane G.
    07/06/2021 20:46

    Free medical care maybe isn't such a good idea.

  • Sonya E.
    04/22/2021 00:10

    The sad thing this has been happening to years to people of color

  • Gabriel T.
    04/21/2021 22:20

    Genocide is genocide no matter what words you choose to substitute ... This is equivalent to Hitlers concentration camps

  • Lawrence A.
    04/20/2021 07:47

    This horrific!

  • Alma W.
    04/20/2021 03:03

  • Karen H.
    04/19/2021 23:13

    Close the border and keep the camps open and send them back to where they came from

  • Elizabeth V.
    04/19/2021 15:58

    , I shared an article about this last year. I'm not sure if you remember. This is so sad.

  • LaRee S.
    04/19/2021 11:40


  • Sharon H.
    04/19/2021 02:56

    And yet if she hadn't stayed in the US illegally, this would not have allegedly happened.

  • Kitona F.
    04/17/2021 22:35

    Theyvdo this mostly yo minorities, I have never had any of my white females friends ever told me that they went to the doctor for something else and they automatically say that they should have a hysterectomy, not ever!! It has been suggested to me more than once that I should have one. I hope she sues the hell out of them.

  • Victoria W.
    04/17/2021 19:04

    I don’t trust tha government and I’m a third generation immigrant from my Sicilian ancestry, my great grandfather and great grandmother came to America on a boat 🚣‍♀️.... I am American but I do not trust any government! Quit trusting so much ? I mean why are you shocked ? Everything and everyone has evil in this world ! Quit trusting so much

  • Jackie R.
    04/17/2021 08:10

    This isn't new for the united States but sure has to stop.

  • David D.
    04/17/2021 03:45

    Nazi deportation center .

  • Jasmin Z.
    04/17/2021 02:17

    Treating them like lab rats wtf 🤬

  • Angela M.
    04/16/2021 20:43

    It happened in NC in 90s sterilized boys and girls black and Hispanic without parents knowledge or consent.

  • Orion H.
    04/16/2021 17:33

    Remember way back when doctors used mental hospitals to do experiments on people? Or even further back, when the nazi's did this to people in concentration camps? Kinda just proves how evil repeats itself and it needs to be put to a full stop right now.

  • Anastasia S.
    04/16/2021 15:52

    ICE? Yeah let's put in some work applications and expose them 🍷🤷‍♀️ Truly is a Fu***** up system.

  • Marian P.
    04/16/2021 05:48

    POS human beings! Ugh! All those women deserve justice for this medical assault! That dr needs to be stripped of his license and rot in jail along with everyone else in those facilities that knew & participated in these diabolical acts!

  • Robyn R.
    04/16/2021 05:28

    Fire them! I’ve overstepped bounds and the law.

  • Melvin S.
    04/16/2021 02:58

    It's population control. White people are aware that the Latino population will surpass the white populace rate making them a minority. Something has to be done.

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