• Nicolas E.
    06/14/2017 00:24

    wait he can remember these fictional stories... but not things pertaining to reality...

  • Dawn B.
    06/14/2017 01:08

    Cotton is an ass. And so is the troll he's talking to. They're un-American.

  • Carrie C.
    06/14/2017 01:10

    you did great today Mr Sessions

  • Paul A.
    06/14/2017 01:55

    I can spot a rat from a mile away. When the cage gets too hot, Sessions will gnaw and claw his way out to safety. Just wait.

  • Debra F.
    06/14/2017 03:27

    Who made such fools out of the media? The DNC? Or did they volunteer? WikiLeaks, DNCLeaks

  • Erika L.
    06/14/2017 05:24


  • Cyndi M.
    06/14/2017 05:29

    I hate him...

  • Lee W.
    06/14/2017 07:54

    He thinks it's a goddamn joke.

  • Zachary B.
    06/14/2017 10:28

    Jeff sessions is a war criminal trying to rekindle the drug war against the American people is high treason and war crimes.

  • J B.
    06/14/2017 11:05

    It isn't necessarily about a plot though. The rules are in place to assure the American people that all are acting above board. It's like if playing poker in the wild west . And someone keeps dipping their hands below the table. Maybe they are doing nothing, but someone is bound to call them out on cheating at some point. So, you keep your hands above the table. The GOP, whether actually doing something illegal, unethical, or even traiterous is not known...and that is the whole point. We don't know if these meetings with the Russians was inappropriate collusion or not.

  • Matt N.
    06/14/2017 11:23

    They were hilarious.

  • Alexander B.
    06/14/2017 12:05

    Tom Cotton you are despicable.

  • Benjamin A.
    06/14/2017 14:11

    Except you did meet with them, then lied under oath about it. Then recused yourself

  • Mark S.
    06/14/2017 16:46

    So based on these fictional movies and books nothing like this happens got it.

  • James W.
    06/14/2017 17:18

    Nice conversation between a tool and a racist

  • Ramona M.
    06/14/2017 19:00

    That was the best place, with a lot of people around. They were joking because he got away with it.

  • Kevin H.
    06/14/2017 19:06

    What is Brut? Is this the new RT?

  • Jon C.
    06/14/2017 19:30

    Unlike works of fiction, this testimony is very real. Cotton needed to bring his attention back to the task at hand.

  • Raquel T.
    06/14/2017 19:44

    But you lied about meeting Russians earlier this year and recused yourself.........

  • Larissa W.
    06/14/2017 20:00

    Your good faith means nothing