Stand-In Mom at LGBTQ Weddings🙋‍♀️🏳️‍🌈

A mom for everyone! She's offering her "mom" services to all LGBTQ couples whose parents won't stand at their weddings. 🙋‍♀️🏳️‍🌈

08/14/2018 11:01 PM
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  • Colin C.
    12/08/2019 17:21

    It's not being gay that's the problem, it's being Christian.

  • Amanda S.
    12/08/2019 02:37

    Amen God loves all his children he's for love not lust which I think some Christians are thinking lgbtp are

  • Hope C.
    12/06/2019 20:18

    What a beautiful person

  • Hope C.
    12/06/2019 20:17

    . 😊

  • Armen M.
    11/28/2019 04:15

    I believe that we don't need to worry about what happens after this life, as long as we do our duty here—to love and to serve. Albert Einstein

  • Cabdinur M.
    09/04/2018 20:17


  • Jessica M.
    08/21/2018 08:46

    thought you might appreciate this 😁

  • Amanda C.
    08/21/2018 03:28

    your perfect job

  • Rachel H.
    08/20/2018 23:42

    ..... I want to be this

  • Keelin M.
    08/20/2018 20:06


  • Karen W.
    08/20/2018 15:31

    I wouldn’t accept it either.

  • Halle R.
    08/20/2018 14:07

    this Sweet woman!!!! 😩😩

  • Shyanne D.
    08/20/2018 13:35

    I’m crying. Mom goals

  • Jenna F.
    08/20/2018 13:15

    it looks like this is where it started!

  • Elisa R.
    08/20/2018 12:06

    It’s so a sad that this day and age we still have to do things like this, as a mother I cannot comprehend how mothers and fathers can completely reject and disown their children because of their children’s sexuality. I recently had a conversation with a friend and she asked what would your reaction be If my son came in with his boyfriend or my daughter came in with her girlfriend and introduced me to them? I replied I’d shake their hand tell them it was nice to meet them and did they want a cuppa? My friend seemed totally perplexed so I asked her what the hell was she expecting!? I never got a reply. I really cannot understand how people can be still so prejudice and narrow minded, my kids are my world and their happiness is my priority, and love them absolutely unconditionally, unconditional meaning their sexuality/gender identity or anything else is not a clause in a contract rendering it moot.

  • Hannah M.
    08/20/2018 10:38

    I really think you should do this, you give very good mom hugs!!!

  • Alessandra W.
    08/20/2018 09:36

    What an angel

  • T J.
    08/20/2018 02:47


  • Kate R.
    08/19/2018 20:24

    Top woman! Spread your love and positivity far & wide ❤️

  • Allison N.
    08/19/2018 19:52

    I would do this. I’m not old enough to have kids who could get married though. I love love. I’ll probably cry and everything.