State's Attorney pulled over in Florida

When the first ever black state's attorney of Florida was pulled over because her license plate "didn't scan," she handled it with class — while the officer struggled to give her a straight answer.

02/01/2018 8:02 PM
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  • Byron G.
    02/28/2018 22:29

    This had nothing to do with race and the officer did nothing wrong so keep that BS....

  • De'Sean J.
    02/28/2018 15:46

    Read some of these comments.....Dear white people..... Clearly race related and definitely profiling. 😂

  • Larry G.
    02/27/2018 20:23

    Please let us know if anything will be done

  • Tony S.
    02/24/2018 15:52

    Police always routinely check plates. I was in a car when I was in my teens and the driver was pulled over because the car matched a stolen car report

  • Wallace G.
    02/18/2018 04:48

    Racial profiling.haha didn't no what they got themselves into as soon as she said states attorney.stopped for no reason.what was there purpose to run her tag

  • Ashley W.
    02/16/2018 14:34

    Police r a fuckin joke

  • Ian L.
    02/15/2018 00:01

    It’s always about race in Amerika

  • Dill L.
    02/14/2018 13:51

    It don't matter, they can pull who ever they want, there doing there job, she's just lucky she got power. But if she was breaking the law, them clowns better had inforced it.

  • Sherrelle P.
    02/12/2018 20:25

    She asked for cards with their names oh and now it’s not his car 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Clint H.
    02/12/2018 01:45

    You can’t run plates before pulling a car over. That’s profiling.

  • Maria S.
    02/11/2018 13:54

    U show then state atterney 👏

  • Jermell M.
    02/08/2018 22:48

    Bottomland is that she is legit and there is no probable cause. This conversation is over!

  • Jeff K.
    02/08/2018 17:45

    NO PROBABLE CAUSE? WOW. shameful.

  • Adamaris A.
    02/08/2018 06:21

    Lo que me paso

  • Yini R.
    02/07/2018 16:53

    People saying police can just stop you without a probable cause concerns me.

  • Jake K.
    02/06/2018 21:21

    Pretty sure these are fake. Why would the police release the video?

  • Cali S.
    02/06/2018 02:56

    I don’t see why there’s a problem.

  • Hunter C.
    02/06/2018 01:35

    too important to be pulled over lol

  • Rick D.
    02/06/2018 01:34

    Yeah cops run tags... imagine that... sometimes they accidentally miss a number or a letter and there’s a mistake, it’s happened to me before and they almost towed my car at 2am because they typo’d my tag wrong and it came back registered as a different vehicle with no insurance, it happens all the time. Give the guy a break, he risks his ass everyday to keep people safe and he made a simple mistake that resulted in what? A traffic stop that delayed her just a little bit and now there’s a big to-do about it because what? She happens to be black? Get over it man, it’s a traffic stop, not a search and seizure.

  • Chris M.
    02/05/2018 18:10

    look at this