Students Carry Bullet-Riddled Sign Honoring Emmett Till

These students carried the vandalized memorial sign for Emmett Till, a teenager who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955, and laid it at the base of a Confederate statue on their campus.

The trial galvanized the modern civil rights movement

These students carried the vandalized memorial sign for Emmett Till to the base of the Confederate statue on campus. It was in the middle of the night in 1955 when Emmett Till, a 14-year-old buy, was lynched in Mississippi. Till, a native of Chicago, was visiting relatives in Mississippi when he had a fateful encounter with a white woman named Carolyn Bryant. Till's murder and the fallout from the trial galvanized the modern civil rights movement. University of Mississippi students, Tyler Yarbrough, Curtis Hills, Isabell Spafford, Yasmine Malone started the group, the Emmett Till Legacy Alliance, in 2018 and held a student panel before walking the sign to the statue.

This is the fourth sign that the commission has placed at the site. The first was swiped in 2008, and no arrests were ever made in connection with the incident. The replacement marker was vandalized with bullets, more than 100 rounds over the course of several years. Just 35 days after it was erected in 2018, the third sign was shot at as well. The third memorial made headlines recently when Jerry Mitchell of the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, in conjunction with ProPublica, revealed that three University of Mississippi students had been suspended from their fraternity house after posing in front of the sign with guns, in a photo that was posted to the private Instagram account of one of the students. The Justice Department is reportedly investigating the incident.

The sign has now been taken down, and a new one is “on its way,” Patrick Weems, executive director of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission said according to CBS News. Chavez, Savidge and Sayers of CNN report that the replacement memorial will weigh 600 pounds and be made of reinforced steel. This bulletproof sign was erected and is expected to be open to the public by the Tallahatchie River in October 2019.


10/31/2019 12:00 PM
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  • Oscar C.
    10 hours

    Freakin POS cowards, the killers and the idiots that destroyed the memorial plaque!

  • Lacey L.
    a day

    This is sad someone would do this to this young mans memorial. We need to stop trying to tear down others and instead learn an grow without the racist nonsense. We all bleed red and I pray all could see that, and whites are no better than ANY color. I hope justice is served to those that are in the wrong to the fullest penalty.

  • Patrick H.
    a day

    Oh trust I know theres many racist I never denied that. .but things are not as they once was is all I'm saying. And racism is on both sides too..we have come far but have along ways to go

  • Michael A.
    a day

    these are the things I tell you about that doesn’t get out in big media either but they are happening. Where are these good confederate flag flying people when things like this happen? Don’t be fooled my brother it is still deep rooted in a lot of people in America.

  • Hannah M.
    a day

    They didn’t do it because they are white males. They did it because they are IDIOTS. I’m not saying racists don’t exist, I know they do. But my entire circle of friends and family believe being hateful to someone because of the color of their skin is wrong and pointless. We all bleed red.

  • Monica S.
    a day

    Did you hear what that white b**** said nobody knows everybody knew Emmett Till whistled at white woman that white dude whistled at him and it made it seem like he whistled at them that's what happened f***

  • Michael F.
    2 days

    “I remember a tear fell down my face” Man I love how people lie for the media

  • Orfa H.
    2 days

    I don’t understand the mad faces? Why mad? Someone explain.😔

  • Dios L.
    2 days

    Racism never ended. Just ppl try and be more sneaky about it

  • Bill S.
    3 days

    No historical monument should be torn down. None of them!

  • Wade F.
    3 days

    Those kids need their jaw broke or maybe a little taste of what happened to Emmett till, those kids are disgusting and become famous for being worthless, racists F u c k s

  • Jeff S.
    3 days

    Blah blah blah.. blacks are the only real racist.

  • Mansa M.
    4 days

  • Chris M.
    5 days

    Lol the same people saying someone can’t shoot a sign the same retards burning the flag 😂

  • Silva M.
    5 days

    Mississippi biggest racist state

  • Guillermo A.
    5 days

    History is history quit being butt hurt about it and move on. A confederate statue shouldn't offend anyone and anyone who still wants to act like its the 1900s and carry on those traditions of being racists will not succeed in todays times. They should be left alone as examples to the white people to let them know that they are better than their ancestors and to the children to show them why respect and peace is important in their community. Its the little details in a town that help inspire greatness and new perspectives on certain topics that the future holds for generations to come.

  • Zach G.
    5 days

    Someone should beat those kids

  • Phill L.
    5 days

    Pure hate crimes right here in the USA give those men DNA test

  • Miles T.
    5 days

    Tell them to kiss off

  • Michael W.
    6 days

    There's only one way to cure racism and that's to kill racism where were you find it who's ready???