TBT: Martin Luther King on riots

"A riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?" For many, this 1967 speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. still resonates today...

06/01/2020 2:59 PM


  • Pam M.
    09/13/2020 22:41

    Martin Luther Kings agenda must happen or we will perish as a nation. As far as im concerned he was one of the greatest men that ever lived

  • Maroun H.
    09/12/2020 20:44

    Is truly an amazing man I wish we had more people like him

  • Tom P.
    09/10/2020 05:36

    Riots develop when people don't create enough businesses and jobs to sustain themselves, King!

  • Jacob S.
    09/09/2020 20:01


  • Nick C.
    09/08/2020 20:00

    Chadwick Boseman was the MLK of our time!♥️

  • Ron W.
    09/08/2020 05:09

    Such a brilliant articulate orator! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Jim C.
    09/07/2020 13:41

    Despicable ..using the words of a great man to suggest that today's riots are anything like those back in the 60's.Today its all about the left and its reluctance to accept the results of an election...This isn't black against white or vice it's about political ideologies pitted against one another.One using perceived inequality as an impetus to death and destruction. They don't have the same caring or true passion of Dr.King and to use his memory to justify violence is typical of low life thugs.

  • Kim M.
    09/07/2020 13:26

    Listen to the whole speech. This snippet takes it out of context. Listen to the whole speech.

  • Jane E.
    09/06/2020 18:30

    Please stay safe and try to remember that there are many of us out here that see you as a man...not just a black man! I would be honored to have you as a friend.

  • Dion L.
    09/05/2020 20:13

    Righteous and timeless words from Dr. King!!!

  • Dudes A.
    09/05/2020 06:47

    He is the reason black men don't sleep. He once had a dream and you know what happened to him.

  • Christopher D.
    09/04/2020 20:48

    America didn't fail . People are just Criminals trying to take a short cut.

  • Carmelo P.
    09/04/2020 11:24

    He doesn't condone rioting and none of you black folks today are oppresd.

  • Darren R.
    09/03/2020 21:21


  • Mike O.
    09/03/2020 02:56

    Nice speech, though condoning rioting is completely unacceptable regardless of the status quo, in the end leads to chaos and frustration, he knew it so well. Learning to behave brings more acceptance as it shows moral integrity and earned respect regardless of race.

  • Kendta S.
    09/03/2020 02:12


  • Luciano P.
    09/02/2020 06:08

    Riot and looting vs stealing are two different things.

  • Juana V.
    09/02/2020 02:37

    Igual Obama 🇺🇸❤️👍

  • Nancy A.
    09/02/2020 01:01


  • Jane E.
    09/02/2020 00:48

    Print the speech in its entirety instead of using a small quote to justify your behavior....Dr. King would be appalled with this....he NEVER advocated violence and insisted everyone who walked in protest along side him was well dressed and held themselves with class!

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