Teacher cuffed after questioning superintendent's salary

Cuffed and thrown out of a school board meeting — that's what happened to this teacher after she repeatedly questioned a superintendent's salary back in January.

05/19/2018 1:01 PM


  • Eduardo d.
    05/31/2018 15:02

    stupidity and racism!

  • Ramon P.
    05/31/2018 14:53

    With Donald Trump in office America is already looking like Russia And China...

  • Diego F.
    05/31/2018 13:03

    The superintendent should get shank by a homie

  • Andrew M.
    05/31/2018 11:44

    Why didn't the rest Stand Up!

  • Vine M.
    05/31/2018 07:54

    This is to show vividly that we live in a world where truth is sidelined and when you try to make a valid or conscious point you are bullied!!! I hope the bigger society where this occurred will reward that lady for her good or truthful outburst. God bless you my Lady!!!!

  • Michelle F.
    05/31/2018 02:16

    You can't speak for your right, get a lawyer girl

  • Amaury O.
    05/30/2018 17:01

    And the people who she's actually speaking for did nothing to stop this injustice. Shame on you all cowards!

  • Marwan S.
    05/30/2018 15:34


  • Margaret S.
    05/30/2018 13:47

    Freedom of speech....outrageous....SHAME...SHAME...WELL I SHOULD SAY "SHAM" because she spoke ghe truth and she got arrested...WHAT?????

  • Ricky R.
    05/30/2018 12:16

    Omg police brutality. White lives matter. Reeeeeeeeeee

  • Ranganatha R.
    05/30/2018 05:22


  • Fernando S.
    05/30/2018 04:40

    The Cops in America are bunch cowards, I would like to see them acting like this in the slums at Rio de janeiro in Brazil, they would come back in a coffin.

  • Fernando S.
    05/30/2018 04:37


  • Ramesh P.
    05/30/2018 01:46

    someone is Taught tham so bad mam

  • Cheryl F.
    05/29/2018 23:27

    sometimes it takes someone with the courage to speak up, when the officer asked her to leave she should of. At least she got her point across>

  • James M.
    05/29/2018 22:51

    All superintendents in all school districts I’ve had experience with are greedy snobs, they don’t care about their schools only what they get.

  • Tyler S.
    05/29/2018 19:50

    Krepta Wolfe

  • Shiv S.
    05/29/2018 07:32

    इसका अर्थ समझने के लिए कोई हिंदी मे टिप्पणी लिख सकता है.

  • Adrian G.
    05/29/2018 02:56

    It's horrible!

  • Jorge A.
    05/28/2018 21:35

    Land of the free and home of the brave 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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