Texas Relaxes Gun Rights

Just weeks after 22 people were killed by a gunman in El Paso, relaxed gun laws are set to take effect in Texas.

The legislation would reduce penalties for licensed handgun owners who bring weapons into prohibited areas by mistake

Texas is set to expand gun rights just as its residents are reeling from the mass shooting in El Paso that left 22 dead. Abbott signed laws to relax several gun restrictions in the 2019 legislative session, including: Foster homes, certain homes will now be allowed to store firearms and ammunition. After dozens of people, including toddlers and teenagers, were gunned down in separate mass shootings at a church Sutherland Springs and a high school in suburban Houston, Texas Republicans came to the Capitol this year with their eyes on new gun laws. The goal was not to limit access to weapons or ban assault-style rifles, but to expand gun rights. After a pro-gun legislative session applauded by the National Rifle Association, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed new laws that eased restrictions on where firearms can be carried, from schools to churches, apartments and foster homes, and barred cities from passing their own gun and ammunition sales limits.

Licensed gun owners can now carry handguns in places of worship. Handguns, firearm, or ammunition will be allowed in vehicles — as long as they are not in plain view. There will be no cap on how many school marshals can carry guns on school property. Licensed holders can now carry guns in government buildings. Trespassers are now protected from prosecution if they have a license to carry. Gun owners can now carry guns — openly or concealed — for up to a week while evacuating. Property owners are now forbidden and prohibited from restricting firearms or ammunition. A landlord now can’t prevent tenants or guests from carrying on certain properties. Abbott announced that Texas will provide over $5.5 million in assistance focusing on mental health, social media, video games since the El Paso shooting according to the Office of Texas Governor The new gun laws are set to take effect September 1 based on information from the Texas State Law Library.


08/17/2019 12:00 PM
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  • Serhat E.
    08/17/2019 12:11

    Keep on shooting each other,330 million is way too many,

  • Kel P.
    08/17/2019 12:12

    I’m not seeing how those laws are bad

  • Johnny K.
    08/17/2019 12:13

    Tresspassers have the right to carry guns? 🤣🤣🤣 lets have a shoot out!

  • Kelly A.
    08/17/2019 12:15

    This makes no sense 🤔🤔😠😠

  • Marisol S.
    08/17/2019 12:24

    Shame on you Governor

  • Gérson N.
    08/17/2019 12:25

    Great [sarcasm]

  • Michael W.
    08/17/2019 12:36

    Amurica, you are one hell of a Dumbfucked country

  • Luke A.
    08/17/2019 12:40

    Must be so proud of yourselves huh Derp

  • Susan R.
    08/17/2019 12:45

    This is worse. If a person came into their home and killed his own family, we would here a different law

  • Dylan T.
    08/17/2019 12:48

    Abbott doesn't even rise for the anthem!

  • Richard T.
    08/17/2019 13:12

    Maybe everybody in Texas will shoot each other.

  • Drew P.
    08/17/2019 14:08

    Besides the intruders, this allows LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to be able to protect their family in places they weren’t allowed to before! This is great!

  • Donald H.
    08/17/2019 14:10

    What people don't realize is when they pass laws that you can only carry a gun into places unless you have a license that is taking away your construction right to bare arms. Wake up people

  • Syed A.
    08/17/2019 14:20

    America earns money by selling weapons, and people think their "LEADERS" will ban their most profitable venture.

  • Ali M.
    08/17/2019 14:52

    Texas is on a whole new level of wokeness 😂😂

  • Lonnie R.
    08/17/2019 16:31

    Actually some Common Sense Gun Laws. Never thought I'd say that!

  • Richard M.
    08/17/2019 16:38

    It's really a sad correction of unconstitutional gun laws. Number 6 I'm not sure about.

  • Jason W.
    08/17/2019 16:39

    Constitutional Carry anywhere anytime. The possession of of a firearm is not the issue, it's the crimes involving a firearm that's the problem.

  • Dennis M.
    08/17/2019 17:01

    Not ever an AR any size, shape..I do not own a gun, in the Army we matched to one is for fighting the other is for fun, got out NEVER needed guns, my brothers use now and arrows to hunt, and eat what they kill..BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW..

  • Shanté G.
    08/17/2019 17:19

    But not a single new law about stopping crazy people i see. Figured. Hick state. Like you need to take extensive metal evaluations, required to take and past gun safety test and training. Etc etc etc. Take note from japan.