Texas students slam officials for book ban push

When a Texas school board moved to ban library books, these students clapped back ...

01/28/2022 8:57 PM


  • Nancy F.
    01/31/2022 02:26

    These students’ presentations are AWESOME, so heartening!

  • Hakima P.
    01/30/2022 02:30

    As the Outreach Director at Rancho Brazos Community Center from 2012-2016, I worked with youth in Granbury, Texas. I’m so encouraged by the intelligent and civil way these students presented their case.

  • John H.
    01/29/2022 12:40

    What next? Book burning? Lunching of anyone " different" ie, gays, blacks, jews, or just folks you don't like, it's the thin end of a very dangerous wedge, stop it before it's too late! Remember how Nazi Germany happened!

  • Bilawal A.
    01/29/2022 05:26

    More power to her ♥ should learn from this.......

  • Jennifer E.
    01/29/2022 01:49

    If we've learned nothing else over the past 2 decades is that politicians and law makers do not care what the citizens want unless it fits thier agenda. It's time, as American citizens to start holding those in charge accountable as well as holding the far right and far left accountable for the division that BOTH sides have created. It's time to find middle ground again.

  • Sarah R.
    01/29/2022 00:25

    Well done ladies.

  • Silvia M.
    01/29/2022 00:09

    Mmm a lot of censorship in the so-called "country of freedom", isn't it?

  • Susan R.
    01/28/2022 23:54

    How about the Bible! That has everything in it. Band that to

  • Elizabeth T.
    01/28/2022 21:28

    The purpose of schools is to ensure students get an adequate compulsory education. They can most certainly limit the types of books they allow within the school library. It’s not like these books are being banned outside the schools. Children can still get them, just not from the school.

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