The anatomy of a police killing in America

There's a pattern that plays out in public after the killings of Black people by law enforcement. Brut reporter Essie Assibu explores four emblematic cases that had an all too similar aftermath...

04/23/2021 6:10 PMupdated: 04/23/2021 7:07 PM


  • Eric K.
    04/28/2021 14:35


  • Robbie J.
    04/27/2021 06:09

    Stay out of the street

  • Neal A.
    04/26/2021 22:23

    The 'pattern' is criminals resisting legal orders

  • Greg B.
    04/26/2021 08:33

    As an outsider l am amazed that America does not have a professional police force trained to a national standard. In Australia, Victoria, training is at a police college for 31 weeks. Police are not elected but are career officers. Seems to me the "popular" drunk in a town in the US can become the local cop. From what lve seen many US cops would not get a job in Australia.

  • Leela B.
    04/25/2021 01:13

    Do the rit thing

  • Chester U.
    04/25/2021 01:06

    It happens in every race not just black

  • Gerry M.
    04/25/2021 00:51

    Sadly today the left wing are the Nazis and the racist I just wanted to fight everyone extra game plan there's a lot of money and hate my friends you see it right now

  • Dave H.
    04/24/2021 14:31

    Quit breaking the dam law and you won't get shot

  • Taylor W.
    04/24/2021 14:03

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes do not care who you are

  • Maxine B.
    04/24/2021 13:40

    Police need to stop killing n stop hiding behind their badge killing someone is wrong no matter what

  • Achmad D.
    04/24/2021 05:48

    its not police brutality, its because they hire retarted people as officer, stop hiring retarted people, no matter how you train them, once retarted still retarted

  • Rick S.
    04/24/2021 03:09

    The common denominater is civilian resisting arrest. Why can't people understand this? We all learned how to take direction in kindergarten!

  • Andrej P.
    04/24/2021 02:03

    i have idea... present the numbers, how many have been killed in 2020? Then present how many police officers have been killed

  • Franz B.
    04/24/2021 00:16

    Its always same. Somebody life lost.

  • Blue C.
    04/24/2021 00:00

    Murder, murder, murder, black people and white people watch and defend the cops untill when??

  • Jan V.
    04/23/2021 22:08

    People need to put the deaths in perspective. Not every black person killed is unwarranted. The 16 year old girl just shot had a knife in the air, ready to stab another person, who was unarmed. The biggest way to take away from something like the George Floyd killing is to group all of the cases together.

  • Ozy M.
    04/23/2021 21:06

    Stand up and fight..!!!✊

  • Kay S.
    04/23/2021 20:23

    Can't believe the amount of twunts here. 🤦‍♂️ Funny how all other civilized nations have criminals and people resisting arrest but somehow almost nobody gets killed by the police. 🤔

  • Wes B.
    04/23/2021 19:40

    So, a due process is one of the things that is supposed to be emblematic of our great nation, so when I hear people say stuff like, "don't be a thug and nobody will kill you", I consider that a problem. I'm not promoting crime, I just don't want to see people getting killed over a minor crime. Resisting arrest hasn't ever been a capital offense, so to have someone dead on the ground after "resisting", I can't help but think that somebody just didn't want to put the effort in to manhandle somebody. Like grandpa always said, "Men used to be men". And sometimes, you can't help but to pull the trigger, and I get that, but that should be the last possible option, and not something taken so cavalier.

  • Kirk M.
    04/23/2021 19:31

    Dont white people or other ethnicities get shot??

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