• Lakettia B.
    01/09/2022 16:25

    Trump is a dangerous man and should never be in government ever again.

  • Aburgai A.
    01/08/2022 13:34

    Trump's special forces 🤣

  • Mel O.
    01/07/2022 16:38

    No one in this country's history can be more dangerous to the stability of the United States than trump. He is the most destructive person that can exist and his followers are nothing but sacrificial lambs to him. Hear me f/tucker carlson.

  • Mel O.
    01/07/2022 16:35

    This man is truinmp's hero. Of course, any clown can be truinmp's hero. He is his own biggest clown/hero.

  • Jeremiah T.
    01/07/2022 14:37

    And now they are or will be in jail and will never get to vote again.

  • Matt G.
    01/07/2022 13:23

    Just counting away in the comment section.

  • Ozy M.
    01/07/2022 03:12

    They deserved it...have no respect at all!! 👍

  • Joni A.
    01/07/2022 00:49


  • Lola L.
    01/06/2022 21:05

    And shame! Get this traitors in jail!! The world is watching!!

  • Vega R.
    01/06/2022 17:46

    Unbelievable that an horrible event happen the most secure place the Capitol in united state A shame for those behind this wrongful and unforgettable event deserve not respect and this type of event must not happen again security must reinforce at capitol

  • Alberto W.
    01/06/2022 17:27


  • Kenny N.
    01/06/2022 17:07

    They forget to mention that all the signs and fences around the capital warning people to stay out, were taken down by order of the Feds. The people were allowed to freely enter. This was planned and programmed by the Feds and Demoncrats to create chaos and try to ruin Trump. Once all the fences were taken down, they called for the people to enter without any resistance, into the most secure and protected building in the country. Did you see any signs or fences to stop the rioters? Neither did I.

  • Madelyn G.
    01/06/2022 15:26

    This was not an assault. It was an attempted Coup. These people were instructed by elected officials to do this. WHAT A DISGRACE to our Country

  • Hector V.
    01/06/2022 15:23

    If only pelosi done her job for only she was in charge and the Supreme Court would of done their job to prove biden won or Trump lost this would have happened .🤔

  • Joel R.
    01/06/2022 15:21

    Who would say a group of conservative christians will invade the Capitol.

  • Stick M.
    01/06/2022 15:18

    what a load of crap. it was nothing more than a tourist walkthrough. antifa, blm, and the cia were sent in to intensify the situation. Nancy Pelosi was planning on this plan to work, thats why she denied the national guard that Trump asked for. yet her planned failed. anyone with half a brain knows this a a complete joke to smere Trump but it's backfiring. Trump is larger than life, more popular than ever. this worthless, corrupt, evil, communist administration is a failure of epic proportion. let's go brandon! Trump 2022!!!

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