The controversy around hydroxychloroquine, explained

Donald Trump has been touting hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure for Covid-19, in spite of medical warnings against its use. Here's how a malaria drug took the center stage during the coronavirus crisis.

05/20/2020 4:30 PMupdated: 08/04/2020 1:53 PM


  • Mohammad Z.
    05/27/2020 21:51

    😆😆 liarr

  • Brut India
    05/25/2020 06:17

    While Trump pushes for hydrochloroquine, there are still fresh questions about its efficacy against Covid. Here's what is known of the drug so far:

  • Entomon M.
    05/24/2020 16:51

    I noticed the POTUS carries the eye patch like a panda.

  • Imtiaz H.
    05/24/2020 10:16

    ... he has been adamant about this drug, so far so, that he claims to be taking them himself. Has anyone dug deep enough to find anything that might link him or any of his family members gaining economical benefit from the drug being mass used?!?!?

  • Ishaq K.
    05/24/2020 09:59

    بہن چود

  • Abrar N.
    05/24/2020 06:22

    KARMA ❣️😂

  • Guru G.
    05/24/2020 04:13

    Bhagwa Zahilo Se Bhi Bada Zahil H Ye

  • Sudha M.
    05/24/2020 03:37

    WHO should update which drug is safe, which is not and why, what is going on

  • Aadil B.
    05/24/2020 03:09

    He is a joker, he even dnt have a common sense, modi in india, trump in US. They are both like jokers running a circus

  • Jo J.
    05/24/2020 00:30

    Why are people listening to Trump’s batshit press conferences. He has recommended drinking Clorox to kill corona inside the body. Jesus help these people.

  • Shyam S.
    05/23/2020 21:35

    When a grade 4 buffoon in the White House opens his mouth it smacks of sheer ignorance and stupidity!

  • Veera V.
    05/23/2020 14:33

    Here only fools are commenting against hydroxychloroquine

  • Vijay N.
    05/23/2020 13:31

    For the last two months, I was repeatedly saying that due to this medicine, people are dying in America and Europe, but nobody believed me. Actually this is a game, and this game has been played very cleverly by the leaders and practitioners. Nobody knows what is happening in the hospital. Now the truth came out in front of everyone, then the doctors cleverly changed the face and started blaming the leaders. I want to ask you, why have doctors given this medicine in excess to sick people? Will dead people become alive after doctors accept the mistake?

  • Vidya Singh
    05/23/2020 12:42

    Just because President is touting about it so it’s wrong. Please don’t use it for preventive medication. I have taken HCQ when I had malaria. Also, if you really hate the president and if you have coronavirus please don’t use this medicine coz you don’t deserve it and there are many needy people who can use it.

  • Led D.
    05/23/2020 11:54

    it is effective and Big pharma will do anything to stop this for obvious reasons!

  • Nimish S.
    05/23/2020 10:32

    Joker of all cards

  • Shoaib I.
    05/23/2020 09:31

    Modi is still on top of the list

  • Baijul S.
    05/23/2020 09:16

    With due respect its a preventive drug . It boosts the immune system , to fight againts a lot of diseases . Taken CAREFULLY , everyday ,before, with honey and hot water , it helps . This is what the govts are not putting or saying in place . It is not a CURE .

  • Rubina P.
    05/23/2020 09:16

    Leaders with bloated egos n constipated brains are totally responsible for the poor people's death

  • Ramesh J.
    05/23/2020 09:15

    Uk also started hydroxychloroquine to cure covid-19 . Some idiots are still in daubt. Any allopathic medicine have some side effects. If we see US data death rates become lower after using of this drug.

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