The Dad Who Started the Changing Table Revolution

A year ago, a photo of him changing his son’s diaper in a men's restroom went viral. Now, he's advocating for dads — and has teamed up with Pampers and the NFL.

Since then, he has landed his first partnership with Pampers

In 2018, a photo of Donte Palmer and his son went viral. It highlighted the lack of changing tables in men’s restrooms. Brut. caught up with him 1 year later. The lack of public changing tables in men's rooms became a national issue the previous year when Donte Palmer of Florida posted a video online that went viral showing him squatting while trying to change his child's diaper. Pampers said Palmer is involved in its project.

According to a study cited by Pampers, 9 out of 10 dads have gone into a public restroom and not been able to change their child's diapers. Pampers' goal is to have the 5,000 changing tables installed throughout North America by 2021. I grabbed my son, grabbed the diaper bag, and I pointed to my 12-year-old son, Isaiah, and said, “Let’s go, diaper assistant.” I got on my perfectly performed squat that I've perfected and threw Liam over my lap. That’s when it dawned on me, why isn’t there more changing tables in bathrooms? After it went viral, I’m still pushing the initiative forward. I’m getting a lot of feedback from fathers from Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom. We're just continuing to push the merits and trying to hear the issues and the cries of other fathers,” Donte Palmer tells Brut.

Pampers said in a statement that it is working with Koala Kare to identify 5,000 high-need locales for changing tables. Pampers said it will be targeting places such as parks and recreation centers, community centers and libraries. Pampers said it has already identified 500 locations, and those locations will have their changing tables installed in the coming weeks. Palmer is now focusing on his nonprofit and seeking new partnerships.


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    No Arabic man ever , coz they don't change diapers 😑

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    katong sa ROBINSON TA.

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    we are only two left in Niger.

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    Sam can't wait to teach u how to change ur son

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    Ya i noticed walmart McDonald's and burger king all took theirs out for some reason need to change my son ended up doing it in the car

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    Not just changes table, most of the sink at the restaurants was higher and kids under 5 years cannot reach for the tab . I mean, we urge our kids to clean their hands before any meals.. But..

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    Great dad where are these types kanshi?

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    What a good dad you are. Those little boys are sometimes hard to potty train. I thought my great-grandson was going to be wearing diapers when he went to high school. However, he eventually got there.

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