• Nathan R.
    10/05/2020 02:50

    It was not a botched raid

  • Anthony B.
    10/04/2020 15:13

    Boyfriend fired shot s cop cop returns fire suppressive fire she wasnt asleep in her bed she was in the hotel next to her boyfriend read the police report hear the record testimony of her boyfriend he fired first and she was awake standing next to him in the hallway the movement behind her name is a sham everything they told you in the media about the situation was a lie

  • Marina C.
    09/30/2020 14:08

    How many times do I have to remind ya'll that her so call boyfriend got her kill for his own stupidity Hello.

  • Jeff M.
    09/29/2020 15:30

    brut is lying to you again. read the transcipts from the court.

  • Jeff M.
    09/29/2020 15:28

    gnorant idiots

  • Naldo A.
    09/28/2020 20:58

    Charge the police Charge the boyfriend who put her in a bad place by shooting

  • John O.
    09/28/2020 04:56

    Brut is nothing but liars. Breonna Taylor was repeatedly named in a 38 page evidentiary report that was used to get the no-knock warrant. She is recorded on numerous phone conversations with Jamarcus Glover discussing drug packages mailed to Jamarcus to her home. Receiving $8,000 and $15,000 in drug money. She was not in the medical field anymore, she was FIRED as an EMT over 3 yrs ago. She was not in her bed, she was standing behind her boyfriend, Kenneth, as he opened fire on the police. Her death was tragic. ALL life is precious. But her death was not criminal. Sometimes our bad choices in life have consequences.

  • James J.
    09/27/2020 21:11

    She was knee deep in drugs with her ex boyfriend and her current boyfriend shot at the police and she was terminated from the emt and she wasn't sleeping. To all of you who think she was innocent look at all the evidence. Plus if you want to be a thug you got to take the slug

  • Tina M.
    09/27/2020 20:46

    Her boyfriend fired on the police he should be charged for her murder

  • John L.
    09/27/2020 20:08

    Boyfriend should be charged