The history of presidential pets

There's no presidential pet in Donald Trump's White House — breaking a century-old tradition. Here's a look back at "First pets," from one-legged roosters to grizzly bears...

11/13/2020 7:29 PMupdated: 11/13/2020 7:31 PM


  • Grace E.
    01/27/2021 15:15

    What is the purpose of an animal in the White House anyway? All it does is taxpayers need to foot the bill for a handler. Some goof that makes more money than hard working people with a real job

  • Reece M.
    01/19/2021 08:53

    If these pets could speak America would have fallen a long Time ago the secrets these pets hold haha

  • Marcus C.
    01/19/2021 08:08

    Trump is Putins Pet...

  • Dawna K.
    01/19/2021 03:51

    So I guess Trumps pet was a breed called the Lindsey bred in South Carolina ?

  • Joni H.
    01/19/2021 03:18

    I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love animals.

  • David T.
    01/19/2021 01:36

    Didn't Trumpty-Dumpty say that "Pets were Low Class"? Beside being a Germaophobe who is afraid of what ever dander and vermin that pets may carry, could this rediculius remark that he's made be because even a Gold Fish, (who aren't necessarily the best judges of character) would still jump out of the water in it's own bowl and bite him?

  • Anthony J.
    01/19/2021 00:32

    Trump had pets, Cruz and Graham!

  • Marlene M.
    01/18/2021 23:54


  • David T.
    11/15/2020 04:32

    Trump had publicly stated that pets (dogs) are only for stupid poor people.

  • Jennifer S.
    11/14/2020 20:33

    ”Sit down, John, you fat mother f*****” 🤣

  • Ethel R.
    11/14/2020 16:59

    Trump had rats, skunks, snakes, weasels, a few female dogs, a couple beavers and the badger himself.

  • Adrian V.
    11/14/2020 04:15

    Donald was the pet, Putin’s pet to be exact lol 😆

  • Carol D.
    11/14/2020 03:59

    They say never trust someone who doesnt like animals

  • Clevester L.
    11/14/2020 03:57

    Wrong...there's Lindsey Graham his lapdog, there's William Barr and Mitch he does have a few pound puppies....

  • Yiyang C.
    11/14/2020 01:30

    Trump had a pet in the White House: Ivanka Trump

  • Boyd H.
    11/13/2020 23:43

    There’s no president in the white house

  • Dick N.
    11/13/2020 20:00

    Trump pets are 2-legged Bet you just guessed which pet wrongly Trump only surrounds himself with “parrots”

  • ZPaul M.
    11/13/2020 19:37

    What about the wife

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