The History of Vaping

E-cigarettes hit the U.S. market over a decade ago, but there's a reason why the vaping revolution has picked up steam over the past few years. đŸŒŹïž

Big tobacco helping smokers quit?

Vaping has quickly taken the world by storm. In 1963, Young Korean war veteran Herbert A. Gilbert submitted a patent for an electronic smokeless cigarette device. But back then cigarettes were socially acceptable, and his device failed to catch on. The first commercially successful e-cigarette appeared on the Chinese market in 2004 — as a way to stop or cut down on smoking. Dubbed the safe cigarette, the device entered the U.S. market in 2007. It became a widespread trend 3 years later, when actress Katherine Heigl vaped for the first time on TV during The Late Show with David Letterman.

Manufacturers have been marketing e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking — without any clinical trials on to show their long-term health impact. This follows a familiar marketing cycle that can be traced back to Big Tobacco. In 2013, as cigarettes sales plummeted, the booming vaping market caught the attention of Big Tobacco companies. In 2015, JUUL Labs launched a device that quickly revolutionized the growing industry. Ruby Johnson, Mother of teen vaping victim states that, “All of the big tobacco companies now are going into e-cigarettes in a very big way. So, think about it for a moment. Do you really think that RJ Reynolds, and Philip Morris and Lorillard want to help smokers quit?”.

The brand relies heavily on social media to market its products, which includes many flavors that appeal to young people. By 2018, JUUL had taken over Ÿ of the U.S. e-cigarette market. The same year, Altria, the US owner of the Marlboro brand, acquired a 35% stake in JUUL. Between 2017 and 2018, the FDA found a 75% increase in e-cigarette usage among high school students. The agency declared teen vaping an epidemic. And in the summer of 2019 at least 6 people died from lung illness after vaping. This led to a barrage of criticism and sales ban.


09/15/2019 11:58 AM


  • Ossie H.
    11/15/2019 22:10

    "Without any long term studies" You mean other than the several 5+ year studies from the UK which financially benefits from a healthier populace, showing very little to no negative impact in the average healthy person, as opposed to the US where you can't get public funding unless you plan to cook the data to look negatively impactful because our government would lose out on the tobacco tax, sales tax, and healthcare money from standard tobacco products? Hmm. What an insightfully propagandist video.

  • Brut
    09/16/2019 13:55

    At least six people have now died from lung illness after vaping. This teenager has been working for over a year to spread awareness about why vaping habits must be taken seriously.

  • Purnendu D.
    09/16/2019 04:49

    take note man.

  • Karen S.
    09/15/2019 15:46

    It’s just amazing how dumb people are willing to be, isn’t it?

  • Kiana T.
    09/15/2019 14:19

    I find vapers/e-cigarettes user to be extreme rude with their usage. They deliberately blow smoke in huge clouds not even turning away from you. Its becoming a nasty practice and they should be made to smoke outside like regular smokers.

  • Jayson A.
    09/15/2019 13:11

    I think its funny how the Juul looks like a thumb drive and its killing people, I guess you can say they are uploading a virus to themselves.

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