The life of Ben Crump

Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd... He's won cash settlements on all of over 200 police-violence civil suits he has fought — while the criminal cases rarely make it to court... This is the story of civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

10/20/2020 12:51 PM


  • Mario N.
    10/23/2020 14:38

    So its all about the money not justice. OK

  • Mario N.
    10/23/2020 14:37

    Charlie Older, Im not white. Ever been mugged by a group of black men? Ever had your house broken into by black people? Ever been pulled out of your car at a stop light by a gun toting black man? F you

  • Shawn A.
    10/21/2020 19:29

    Damnnn, al sharpton isn’t dead yet? 😳😳

  • Dixie M.
    10/21/2020 15:06

    This guy is very impressive. No one likes a lawyer, until one is vitally necessary.

  • Karen O.
    10/21/2020 11:42

    Obliviously looking outside in.exactly what he says two systems of justice but there are certain class people who have no conscious towards certain people of colour and beliefs.

  • Bernd S.
    10/21/2020 04:16

    This always lying and disgusting clown has done NOTHING but watch tv, Twitter and travel to his golf resorts, spending millions to play golf at the TAXPAYERS EXPENSE🤥 ...and that’s the truth so help me GOD🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Rudy G.
    10/20/2020 21:45

    i wana counter sue for all the burnt buildings, broken windows,dead bodies, burnt City vehicles, road blocks, trash in the streets, police man hrs,etc etc..

  • Mel O.
    10/20/2020 19:04

    A clear case that a group of attorneys become rich WITHOUT shame and/or CARE who got hurt. This man talks about the RICHEST settlement ever and the family of the VICTIM admire him. So, the question is, was it about money or justice?

  • John L.
    10/20/2020 17:37


  • John H.
    10/20/2020 17:05

    Yes because they pay out with deals to avoid long drawn out cases.

  • Robinette S.
    10/20/2020 16:53

    so from what i gather here in these comments is its alright to kill an addict or imperfect human being ... how sad we are so judgemental what is your weakness shall we kill you for it

  • Tariq R.
    10/20/2020 15:44

    The real owners of the American mainland are the Red Indians and the black skinned people.BLM I know most white skinned people will laugh at me but the truth cannot be denied. But if you laugh to on my comment ... it means your conscience is blaming you

  • Charlie O.
    10/20/2020 14:44

    A lot of angry white men on here I see.

  • Aaron F.
    10/20/2020 13:29

    George Floyd should have stayed inside the police vehicle. They could have got him medical attention for his drug overdose.

  • Jim S.
    10/20/2020 13:20

    Don't like what this man does? But him out of business - recind "qualified immunity".

  • JD D.
    10/20/2020 13:12

    Its all racists horse poop. Who in their right mind would be proud that Al Shapraton endorsed them?

  • Phillipe C.
    10/20/2020 13:09

    Floyd was a career criminal and not a martyr, his life is not worth remembering, maybe you should concentrate on remembering the victims he left behind.

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