The life of Donald Trump

His bid for a second term has failed. This is the story of Donald Trump, a reality star businessman turned president of the United States.

11/08/2020 1:57 PM


  • Edward E.
    2 days

    Greatest president in America's history Donald j Trump you cry babies can kiss both sides of my American

  • Denis D.
    3 days

    A successful idiot who bought his education whit daddy money

  • Rolando G.
    4 days

    6 times being Bankrupt ,it does matter how he came back and stood up ,never giving up !Fighting ,struggling in surviving business,even there is a pandemic he is a patriot putting Americans first ,who his “Warp speed vaccine development “

  • Dave W.
    5 days

    A total failure as a business man as everything and I do mean everything he tries in business has failed and failed so badly that it goes bankrupt as per usual the only success for the conman scam artist is conning or scamming money out of bank's and very stupid followers.but now it's all court up with him as he has 3 bank debts due about now.1. 300. Million to the German bank.2. 300 million to China and 3 and this one is the most disturbing 400 million to a unknown russian all to be paid now.?.and he hasn't got anywhere near that much so he is going to have to con or scam his trumpanzies for more money or he might have a wonderful ending with the unknown russian.????.⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⏳⏳⏳⌛⌛⌛⌛

  • RL K.
    7 days

    Well, why did you, Prick, successful people don't go bankrupt

  • Martin D.
    02/28/2021 04:02

    What a fraud. .And the suckers still lap it up

  • Pauline H.
    02/28/2021 00:28

    Never keeps a promise

  • Karen J.
    02/24/2021 01:41


  • Breta F.
    02/23/2021 19:28

    There's one lady ask who's leading the White House two idiots well three counting Nancy we got to get president Trump back in there he can fix it where people can have their jobs back and quit killing babies and stopped them illegals for coming over here America is sick of this crap

  • Maximi M.
    02/23/2021 04:11

    Puro corazón nuestro presidente Trump

  • Justindhas
    02/19/2021 05:46


  • Justindhas
    02/18/2021 18:07


  • Natalie T.
    02/18/2021 09:54

    This relation of Trump.....what a jealous horrible woman.......looking for attention

  • Josie C.
    02/14/2021 20:26


  • Mick A.
    02/14/2021 13:44

    Nothing but a con man .

  • Nelida Q.
    02/14/2021 05:11


  • Lawrence B.
    02/13/2021 18:00

    He won look at america now going down the toilet

  • Tina K.
    02/12/2021 14:56


  • Tapi O.
    02/08/2021 12:44

    Everything he has done is bulshit

  • Tapi O.
    02/08/2021 12:44


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