The life of Donald Trump Jr.

His father hesitated to name him after himself, fearing that he might become a "loser"... Now, after years on the sidelines of the Trump family, Donald Trump Jr. is a rising star of right wing politics. This is his story.

09/05/2020 7:00 PM


  • Mark P.
    4 hours

    Not in this post trump era

  • Vee Y.
    4 hours

    Lol dumb jr is so irrelevant 🤣

  • Brenda G.
    4 hours

    If this guy or any if his siblings make it into politics, I hope I'm no longer here to see it!! Because that means the end of the world is here as we know it.

  • Patrick J.
    4 hours

    From the White House to the nut house a cuckoo flew.....lock them all up!

  • Marjie B.
    4 hours

    He so stoned u can see itmiles off !

  • Julia O.
    5 hours


  • Michelle M.
    5 hours

    I can't wait until this is over. I hate seeing his face and his family's face plastered all over Facebook!!!!

  • Frank P.
    5 hours

    They all belong in jail.

  • Gloria D.
    5 hours

    I admire and love Don Jr. i would vote for him any day.. we, all have issues but taking the high road for yourself is what’s best. Build people up don’t tear them down.

  • Tricia Y.
    5 hours

    What credentials do ANY of the trump children have to THINK they should hold office

  • Michael P.
    5 hours

    Worst IMPEACHED president ever 🖕🖕💩

  • Robert W.
    5 hours

    A nice warm cell awaits

  • Margaret M.
    6 hours

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time........”. He’s got no chance now daddy is out of favour !!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Aaron T.
    6 hours

    So glad that greaseball will not be anywhere near the White House

  • Dana M.
    6 hours


  • Heidy L.
    6 hours

    😂😂😂 the rising star of the Republican party?! These people are delusional aren't they! he murders innocent endangered animals for fun!! He and his girlfriend are nothing but embarrassing cokeheads.

  • Christina M.
    6 hours

    Pure speculation. There is no way you would know anything about it. Ridiculous how unhinged people are.

  • Beth V.
    6 hours

    Lol.....Biggest Loser’s son....jail time coming for all the Trumps.

  • Shekeela J.
    6 hours

    This COVID19 eyes, though.

  • Gary R.
    7 hours

    ...and here they are, America’s favorite family, The Nelsons!…🙄😂😂

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