The life of Jeff Bezos

He quit his job to launch Amazon — and became one of the richest people on Earth. Now he's stepping down as CEO. This is the life of Jeff Bezos.

02/03/2021 9:49 PMupdated: 02/03/2021 9:51 PM


  • Chelsea F.
    09/15/2021 13:55

    But apparently working people half to death, not providing air conditioning, and firing them when they need to use the restroom IS the strategy according to this money-worshiping people-abuser.

  • Em E.
    07/13/2021 13:38

    can you help now to my family

  • Barnabas B.
    07/08/2021 15:03


  • Audrey B.
    07/08/2021 07:55

    Complaining is born out of frustration turned into anger over something you are or feel powerless to fix or change. Once you've taken the bull by the horn and figured out how to to stop it, the box is checked off and you can finally move on, frustration gone.

  • Jaime C.
    07/07/2021 12:10

    He could to improve the benefits of his workers

  • Monika D.
    07/06/2021 19:23


  • Brut
    07/06/2021 16:11

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  • Luke A.
    07/06/2021 08:17

    He got a massive loan to start and was bailed out when he almost failed. He acts as if it was all down to him and now has enough money to fix so many problems in the world and he does nothing while people admire all the money he has. What a selfish clown.

  • Jim M.
    07/06/2021 03:46

    A kid at McDonald's pays more in taxes then he does.

  • Sharon J.
    07/06/2021 03:28

    The biggest welfare queen in America.

  • Anthony B.
    07/06/2021 03:26

    This would be such a nice story if he hadn't become successful partly on the backs of poorly treated workers. As such, I hope his spaceship diverts to Venus and leaves him there. 🚀

  • Kevin V.
    07/06/2021 00:40

    i think he really stepped down because the board didn't want him going into space in 11 days without having someone else in place as CEO.

  • John J.
    07/05/2021 22:06

    He can not take his money with him after death, he can only live one life, its, a pointless futile life acumilating wealth above your needs

  • Joellie S.
    07/05/2021 21:51

    So, we are just supposed to act like $300,000 did not give him an upper hand when regular people cannot even get a mortgage loan 😂 I am not going to idolize people who got lucky solely on circumstances.

  • Nita S.
    07/05/2021 21:27

    Step down to make more money and pay less tax and yes still in charge great move, great tax advisor attorney,

  • Claudia T.
    07/05/2021 21:23

    He will still be head of the board and now he will be able to do things without any transparency.

  • Andrew B.
    07/04/2021 13:55 amazon jeff bezos

  • Nathan D.
    06/21/2021 21:16

    All the stuff you destroy I could sell for £1 and give 99% to charity

  • Florintina A.
    06/10/2021 08:53


  • Moses K.
    06/07/2021 08:35

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