• Virginia L.
    02/21/2022 18:32

    If you ever heard him speak on the street corners, most people would have agreed with his words. He was extremely articulate. As a young Civil Rights Activist in Atlanta, sometimes I was conflicted with his philosophy & that of our leader MLK.

  • Hamza A.
    02/21/2022 15:19

    Such a charismatic and bold leader

  • Honza K.
    02/21/2022 14:42

    Lol Czechoslovakia 1989. There is a reason why it's called the Velvet Revolution

  • Ezell J.
    11/19/2021 20:53

    For y’all that didn’t see this years ago.

  • Ben Jackson
    11/19/2021 04:27

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  • Brut
    11/18/2021 21:03

    Two men convicted of the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X have been exonerated: https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/17/us/malcolm-x-killing-men-exonerated/index.html

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