The life of Mitt Romney

He's well-known for his political flip-flops and his thorny relationship with Donald Trump. He has said that he supports moving forward with the president's election year Supreme Court nomination. This is the story of Mitt Romney.

09/25/2020 12:28 PM


  • Geraldine P.
    05/02/2021 03:09


  • VJoan R.
    05/02/2021 03:05

    Awful words will only be coming out from your mouth because deepdown you r so jealous of president Donald Trump.

  • Jmarie B.
    04/21/2021 02:14

    Romney, I was voted you when you running president .. Never again .

  • Deirdre M.
    03/27/2021 02:16

    This is a good man 🙏

  • Gayle S.
    03/24/2021 18:13

    Romney is evil and a part of the Deep State.

  • Gregory G.
    03/17/2021 05:32

    Trump didn’t give him a job so he stabbed Trump in the back any chance he got. He’s a lowlife rat.

  • Haifa C.
    03/04/2021 09:13

    He just jealous from Trump , because trump better than him

  • Sonny N.
    02/22/2021 23:07

    at least Trump kept his promise...other all lies

  • Ricky M.
    02/21/2021 07:46

    Move over mitt your not even a Trumps boot lace

  • Theresa R.
    02/21/2021 06:30

    Bs Mitt your lying

  • Bradley D.
    02/20/2021 10:59

    Romney is backstabbing POS

  • Michael G.
    02/20/2021 06:01


  • Judith Y.
    02/17/2021 20:00

    At least he isn’t a baby killer he puts America first yu don wit communist yu like biden take him home with you

  • Heather F.
    02/12/2021 23:00

    Oh l c

  • Dolly D.
    02/09/2021 22:55

    President Trump outshine all of you . out did all of you more generous! You will never be president. Your only a game piece to the democrats same for Chaney.

  • Dolly D.
    02/09/2021 22:51

    Sure your not a Democrat? Nice talk no substance. Antifa supporter?

  • Patricia A.
    02/02/2021 21:57

    Mitt is jealous of Trump.

  • Carlos M.
    01/31/2021 06:48

    Puppet the China !

  • Freddy A.
    01/30/2021 16:45

    You need to get out of the republican party of you don't like it.

  • Ann C.
    01/29/2021 17:59

    At least President Trump was not a turncoat

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