The making and unmasking of the Golden State Killer

By day, he worked as a police officer. By night, he raped and murdered dozens across California. Here's how Joseph James DeAngelo was captured after more than four decades of eluding arrest.

07/06/2020 6:59 PM


  • Iván S.
    an hour

    I watched that episode on Discovery Id,

  • Shawn F.
    an hour

    His trial.isnt over he still has to deal with god hate to be in his shoes

  • Dyshawn B.
    2 hours

    Same cops on the force Now, White people always do the most worst crime....😂😂😂

  • Cory A.
    2 hours

    This is what we were talking about it?

  • Alberto S.
    2 hours

    kill him. quick. gone.

  • Michael S.
    2 hours

    Shoot him!

  • Jena L.
    3 hours

    does this qualify for the party?!?

  • Judy L.
    9 hours

    Did he have wife or kids. Can you imagine how they feel embarrassed

  • Ricardo G.
    9 hours

    He lived his life already tho

  • Brennan L.
    9 hours

    Cop. perfect job for a serial killer. they usually give raises for that I hear.

  • J.F. N.
    11 hours

    Scumbag peice of sh*t

  • Randy H.
    13 hours

    Why does anyone willingly give their dna out?! 🤔

  • Larry G.
    13 hours


  • Russell G.
    13 hours

    Man Kill Him!!!!!!

  • Aaron M.
    14 hours

    At this point in his life-a life sentence isn’t much of a sentence at 74. They got the guy but at this point it’s just closing a case. He can kick back in prison, watch tv, read and not worry about bills, making food or even his health or anything. Just chill a few more years.

  • Catherine W.
    14 hours

    you’ll enjoy this freaky stuff lol

  • Phillip S.
    14 hours

    He get what happened to him in jail

  • Kayla M.
    16 hours

    This was good

  • Moris V.
    16 hours

    To late

  • Mallory C.
    17 hours

    remember this podcast??? The Golden State Killer

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