The making and unmasking of the Golden State Killer

By day, he worked as a police officer. By night, he raped and murdered dozens across California. Here's how Joseph James DeAngelo was captured after more than four decades of eluding arrest.

07/06/2020 6:59 PM


  • Richard R.
    17 hours

    Why is Joe D’Angelo still alive he should’ve been executed within 30 days

  • Donnie H.
    17 hours

    Feed him to the inmates, nuff said

  • Armand R.
    20 hours

    Typical pig, A C A B

  • Steve V.
    21 hours

    They shouldn’t have said how he was found.

  • Shawn C.
    a day

    He made a good example out of every police officer in the United States this is what happens when they think they're above the law they can get away with everything but this tops it right off

  • Matthew D.
    a day

    people like that dont make it long in prison they don't care how old or what kind of shape he is in if they can get their hands on him he will get what he gave

  • Ernesto A.
    a day


  • Gigi P.
    a day

    Yasmin Ponce

  • Mike D.
    a day

    He was my cellmate in the Napa county jail a number of years ago. I spent 6 months in the same cage he gave me the creeps. He never spoke except for when he was complaining about something like his consecutive life sentences and his breakfast.

  • Jacob J.
    a day

    King 👑

  • Shaun D.
    a day

    By the time the trial ends, he’ll be dead of old age...😂

  • Heather B.
    a day

    Do you know about this one?

  • Pablo B.
    a day

    He probably broke, and needs a lot of help. What better way to get it then in prison!!!! Smh

  • Hayden M.
    a day

    Bring back the firing squad. Let him know he will be facing immediate death and put one in his head.

  • RJ T.
    a day

    It’s a shame California isn’t more willing to bring forth the death penalty.

  • Kim L.
    a day

    Man if he would’ve ran into my husband buddy’s career would’ve been over very early

  • Terry J.
    a day

    Read and heard many stories over the years, drove truck WA to CA during many of those years.

  • Jose S.
    2 days

    God bless our boys in blue 💙

  • Brad L.
    2 days

    Public execution. Televised..........

  • Amanda L.
    2 days

    yes they got him, but at what cost to our privacy? If you aren't worried about a public database of should be.

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