The Many Points of View of the G7 Meeting

One meeting, seven different points of view. These are the photos that each G7 country chose to illustrate the same gathering of world leaders.

The world’s most recognized leaders were in attendance

World leaders gathered in Biarritz, France for the G-7 Summit over to confront an array of global issues. The first two days of the summit were filled with a flurry of reports on leaders' progress in confronting international affairs. The three-day summit was expected to be tense as trade policy, nuclear tension, and environmental concerns dominated headlines in the days leading up to the series of meetings. Protesters, leaders' spouses, and a surprise arrival made headlines while key meetings continued into the week. That Sunday evening, the leaders gathered with their spouses and guests for a group photo.

To illustrate the G7 summit, the United Kingdom, cropped the picture of Boris Johnson. All the other leaders are outside the frame. While Donald Trump stares blankly with his arms folded. On the White House website, only Donald Trump’s face stands out. The other leaders’ faces are barely visible. In France, the Elysee website chose this photograph. Emmanuel Macron is at the center of the photo, listening, focused. On the Japanese side, Shinzō Abe is almost in motion, as if he was making Donald Trump lean back. In Germany, all eyes are on Angela Merkel. Emmanuel Macron is even slightly leaning towards her. In Italy, it’s Giuseppe Conte who’s speaking whereas all the other leaders have their heads down. Except Donald Trump, who is clearly visible but with eyes closed. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is barely shown off.

The annual summit took place this year amid an escalating trade war between the US and China, Britain's planned exit from the European Union, and concern over fires that have devastated the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The agenda included a roundtable meeting that was deemed a working session on the global economy, foreign policy, and security affairs.